Jamin :: 6 Months Old?!

Jamin :: 6 Months Old?!

oh my sweet little angel munchkin, my jay-bug, my snuggle puppy…i can’t believe that it’s your half birthday already. that six months ago you were born, and in six more months you’ll be a year old. you are the epitome of joy. you are the sweetest, most lovable, most calm, most loving baby i have ever met. you are almost always content, and have the sweetest disposition. even when you’re sick, as you are now, you are still sweet. sweet even though you’re sad. your brothers love you soooo much. what’s not to love? you are a very tall boy too. still a bit on the skinny side, but not too skinny. you only have a bottle of formula a day and the rest is mama’s milk. you are having cereal and veggies some days too. you don’t seem to be as advanced as your brothers did at your age. you don’t like pulling up on your knees. your babbles aren’t as clear – you have said papa but i don’t know if you knew what you meant lol. we are sure you’ll catch up soon, and we’re in no hurry for you to grow up! i love you so much, my sweet little man. i can’t imagine life without you here.

thank You, Lord, for Your precious gift of jamin zachariah. he is a blessing and a joy.

all the guys are still sick. jamin’s highest temp was 103.1 (r) and jeremiah’s and josiah’s highest was 103 (ax). it’s been a very uncomfortable couple of days for my sweeties. amazingly, i’m still holding it off. i don’t feel great, but i’m in no way sick. jerry is finally getting better, though it is still hanging on. 🙁 he won’t be going back to work until monday, so that’s nice.

i’m having fits with my photoshop, and i want to post some pics of jamin. i’ll probably try to be back later to post them.

please continue to pray for everyone here! thanks!

4 thoughts on “Jamin :: 6 Months Old?!

  1. No fun to have all three of them sick at the same time!! Hope everyone is 100% soon!!!!

  2. Jake and Rhiannon have been sick too. The flu has been going around so the dr *thinks* they might have the flu. Thank goodness for Tamiflu! They are feeling better today and their fevers are down..
    I hope your boys start feeling better soon!

  3. I hope they all get better soon! I hope you don’t get it too! Did any of you get the flu shot this year? I hope that since we all got the flu shot that we can avoid the flu this year. We’ve already had enough of everything else going around.

  4. chelsie

    Hi, Jenn. I am back online again…hopefully for good this time.

    Sorry your little guys have been so sick. 🙁 Hope all are feeling well soon…and hope you don’t get it.

    God bless!

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