Jamin :: 11 Months Old, 4 Year Anniversary

yesterday, the 9th, was a pretty big deal. jamin turned 11 months old. just one month away from being a year old. can you even fathom it? i’m already getting that baby itch. someone please slap me. here is is, taken yesterday:

i can’t begin to describe what jamin means to me. he is such an amazing joy to us. he is a blessing and a gift. even when i’m completely frustrated with him (for not sleeping), there is no child i would EVER want to replace him. he is truly a special little boy.

even more amazing is that it was the 4th anniversary of my grampa’s death. wow. seems crazy he’s been with the Lord so long.

this is grampa with jeremiah, two months before he died:

this is grampa with jeremiah, isabel, miles, zuri and my mom, two months before he died:

we miss you, grampa!!!! we can’t wait to see you on the other Side!!!!!

just so everyone can know – jerry has been feeling “ok”. his heart went back into rhythm. we were able to go to a new church together (this is a whole new topic, that i don’t feel comfortable sharing just yet. but please keep us in your prayers about it!) and were EXTREMELY blessed there. we plan to go visit jerry’s mom on monday – also keep us in your prayers about that. we’ll be driving without air conditioning, in a van with only two windows. 😕 this will be only the second time for her to meet both jeremiah and josiah, and the first time to meet jamin.

have a great rest of the week!

2 thoughts on “Jamin :: 11 Months Old, 4 Year Anniversary

  1. 11 months old… WOW. He gets cuter every day!

    Glad Jerry’s feeling better. 🙂

    Hope you have a good trip… Though I wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with no AC. How long of a drive is it?

  2. Wow, he grew up so fast! Look at that blond hair. Aw, I love it.

    I’m glad to hear Jerry’s feeling better, too. I was away from most of my blogs for about a week, so I came in after the main drama had passed… I’ll be praying for his continued health.

    As a total aside: we have that exact Ikea TV stand! It’s the Akrobat. 😀 Is it new? I don’t remember seeing it in pictures before.

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