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Jamin :: 1 Month Old

i can’t believe it’s been a month…

i don’t have time to write a whole post out, i just wanted to say happy 1 month birthday baby boy!!!!

also i did get him weighed on friday, and he was 7lbs 6.7oz. the lactation consultant was a bit upset that he hadn’t gained a pound yet…so i’m working on getting his weight up. please pray for us!


3 thoughts on “Jamin :: 1 Month Old”

  1. Happy 1 month Jamin!!!

    Hope you can get his weight up… Will be praying!

    Love ya!

  2. Wow! 1 month already! That’s crazy! Time sure does fly! I can’t wait to see new pictures!

  3. happy one month, jamin! i like the header 🙂 jamin has his brothers’ nose! and so much hair!! he’s a cutie 🙂

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