Jakobah has a middle name!

Jakobah has a middle name!

if baby bug is a boy, he finally has a middle name!!
i wrote a list the other day, and jerry picked a name from it. he crossed off a few (nathan, steven) because they are nephews’ names. he doesn’t like malachi (which was my favorite) and said he didn’t like the way matthew sounded. we both agreed gabriel was too “b” (say jakobah gabriel) and i don’t know why he didn’t like daniel.
JAKOBAH SAMUEL he shall be! Smile

it feels great to have a name picked out!!! Mr. Green

oh also, i opened my hyenacart today. http://hyenacart.com/BlessedMamaCreations/

4 thoughts on “Jakobah has a middle name!

  1. Very nice name!…. Now we just have to wait a few minutes, to find out what you’re having… Gotta pick some colors for the quilt! 😉

  2. So, what’s the name again, if it’s a girl? Not too much longer until you can find out! I’m sure you are ready to know!

  3. Yeah for having a name! We have nooo clue. Seriously. I have tried to think of something and honestly, I can’t wrap my brain around having a third child. I just can’t. I mean, obviously I can’t forget that I’m pregnant. But somehow I’m having a disconnect between pregnancy and the reality of baby three.

    I won’t be surprised if she/he’s born without a name. : /

  4. that’s a cute name. i don’t feel so into the name this time as i did adriana’s. i just can’t fathom having a boy! i hope you’re feeling a little better. i just started taking zoloft a few days ago and am back to feeling sick :*(

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