Jace Is 8 Months Old!!

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WHAT?! and this is the first i’ve posted since he was two months old or so?! how can i ever forgive myself for letting so much time go by without blogging?! 🙁

my precious baby boy is getting so big. he does the commando crawl like a pro, he has two top teeth almost all the way in, one bottom, and the other bottom has been just below the surface for about a month now lol. he still nurses a lot plus has one bottle of good start formula and one bottle of breast milk per day. (if you have good start coupons or checks, please let me know! this is the only brand we find works for him!) his spitting up is improving SO MUCH. i think it’s just his age, that he’s outgrowing it. we are all so thankful! we were changing his clothes up to 6 times per day, and ours about 3 times per day. he was so uncomfortable and cranky much of the time, and he’s getting much better now. he is out of the carrier carseat and in the bigger one. he’s been out of the bassinet and in the crib for quite a while now. he is still fitting in some 6 month clothes, but most of them are 9 month.

i am just beyond belief in love with him. he is such a joy to each of us. such a wonderful blessing! none of us can imagine what life would be like if he hadn’t come to join our family. the Lord definitely knows what He’s doing. 🙂 josiah will often talk about “baby sprout” and wish that baby sprout would be alive, but the last time he mentioned it, i told him that if baby sprout had been born, jace would never even have existed. i told him we were sad that baby sprout is gone, but i’m so glad that jace is here now. he agreed, and i haven’t heard baby sprout mentioned in such a way since then.

jace really is a wonderful baby. if ever you know your child will be your “last” child, it’s nice to end on a good note i guess. my only worry is that i will spoil him too much. he is my last baby…so he will be my baby forever, right? i honestly love him so much i feel i will burst sometimes!

in other news, i have been couponing lately. it helps out when you are buying more expensive items, like gluten-free food, like we do. josiah and jamin are both gluten-free now. ask me if you get coupons that you don’t use – i might need them!

josiah’s behavior is a hundred times better now that he’s GF, but there are still a few issues to work on. i’m seriously wondering if he has ADHD. anyone have experience with it? and what is there to do besides pills to help it? i really don’t want my five year old taking medicine that’s going to turn him into a zombie. yes, i said five year old, because in a few months, my little jojobean will be FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it?! and my little jaminbug will be THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how on earth do they grow up so fast?!?!?!?!

jamin scared me to death last night. we were upstairs, getting ready for bed, and the boys spotted a spider on the ceiling. all of us know that spiders really are good for your home because they kill other bugs. but since spiders around here don’t kill ants or flies for us, we figure they aren’t doing us any good. plus the boys and i get freaked out by certain ones. so i sprayed it with some bug spray from across the ledge. it fell down the stairs. i went into the bathroom to get jamin’s toothbrush ready for him, and called to him. i turned around and looked at him and he was standing on the recliner, which was reclined all the way back, level with the ledge, and jamin was about 2 feet over the ledge’s edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t want to yell to him and scare him over so i ran to him and pulled him down and was yelling and crying, and he started bawling because i was freaking him out….but oh my goodness my heart is racing again just thinking about it. i pray he doesn’t ever do anything like that again. one thing is for sure – we have to get something up against that short wall, because it is too dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well baby jace needs me, and it’s impossible to type while i’m holding him anymore. he wants to join in and type with his whole hand LOL.

miss you all and love you! 🙂

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