it’s raining….

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i have several friends who have given birth to baby girls recently. my online friends jen and cheryl (inspired home) had baby girls (jaylen and nicole). my online friends melissa and katrina both had baby girls on the same day (hannah and gracia). my college buds krista and julie had baby girls on the same day (kaitlyn and sofia) and my other good friend from college, amy, had jenna on monday. early this am, my friend amanda had morghyn! (and let’s not forget my sister in law is due in june with a baby girl! i think the only person i know due with a boy is jenn! ETA: i was wrong – kara is having a boy too!)
a BIG congratulations to all the mamas, and welcome to the world to all the precious, beautiful baby girls!!!

jeremiah has not missed out on the fun. every baby girl picture he sees, he exclaims “cute baby sister!!” this morning he declared that he wanted a baby sister, and i told him he’d need to talk to papa about that. 😉 so he followed me into the bedroom where jerry was sleeping and started yelling that he wanted a baby sister. LOL. thankfully jerry sleeps through everything and it didn’t phase him. heehee! today when we visited amanda and morghyn in the hospital, he claimed her as his own baby sister. i tried to explain she was his friend austin’s baby sister, but he didn’t believe me. i wonder what would happen if we gave him another baby brother?

seriously, all the girls make me wonder…will there be anymore? i mean, doesn’t it seem to go in phases, lots of boys and lots of girls at the same time? LOL. i love my boys and would love to have more boys. BUT i can’t think of any more boys’ names. i know, that’s pitiful, but if you know me, you know how important names are to us! i have girls names picked out that i just LOVE and can’t imagine giving a precious baby boy a name that’s just “eh”, ya know?

so you can tell by my rambling i’m thinking about another baby. it’s hard not to, considering josiah is almost the same age as jeremiah was when i conceived josiah (that sounds odd). i seriously want to wait until he’s one. jerry seems to want to wait longer. please pray for us about it!

enough rambling. gotta go!!!!!!! God bless!!!

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  1. jenjen

    Yes this is definitely the time for girls! Everyone I know is having a girl or has had one recently. I’m the only one preggo with a boy…lol

  2. Manda

    Since we’ve got girls… I’d have to say it seems to be the season for it. Maybe by the time Josiah turns 1, the tides will have shifted. Oh wait. You are wanting a girl. Must go to bed and stop trying to comment with a foggy brain.

    *slaps forhead.*

  3. Brandy

    WOW, that’s a lot of girls, lol!
    I have the whole “should I try for a girl” discussion with myself all the time. It’s a battle that will go on in me until I either have a girl or hit menopause, lol.

    Yes! Taylor was AMAZING, especially with “In The Ghetto”, one of my all time favorite Elvis songs. Chris was only okay, Elliot’s second song was AWESOME and McPhee was awful. 🙂
    The stats suggest that Chris is going home tonight but I tend to think it will be Kat. We shall see! 🙂 As long as it’s not Taylor, I’m cool. LOL

  4. AmandaF

    Definitely a lot of girls there! I love my three boys though and I know you will be the same… happy with whatever God blesses you with. For me too the name thing was an issue but we did come come with a name we are happy with.

  5. Julie


    I’m just curious… What are the girl names you’ve chosen? … I know I’ve read them before, but it’s been a long time.


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