It hinges on biggest loser…

It hinges on biggest loser…

i’m posting this link for myself so i don’t forget about it!

ok third week of Biggest Loser is down, and you’ll notice that i didn’t quickly hop on here and post about it first thing in the morning! truth is, i had a pretty bad day yesterday diet-wise, and sort of caved. i had mcdonald’s. and not just a little either. so, instead of losing more weight, i stayed the same as last week for weigh-in. at least i didn’t gain, is all i can say.
this is a new day, this is a new week! i will do great this week!!!!

what do you think of the simple, easy, no fuss blog layout? i’m still trying to find something i can tweak, but since i don’t even have a graphics program right now, this will do.

God bless and hope you’re having a great start to your weekend! 🙂 Superbowl is in town and i don’t think i’ll do anything about it. hopefully it won’t mess up my weekly shopping day tomorrow! :/

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