In Need of Guinea Pigs!

ok i know i haven’t had many visitors lately, but i hope that will change soon, at least for a few days. i’m going to have my own blog contest! but not until the sites are totally up and running and perfect. so you’d better be on the lookout!

jerry and i are almost done with the stores. i pretty much have done what i can do – now jerry just needs some time to work on them. he would have been done with them by tonight, but he had to go into work early (he has the nursing home off m t w and only works fed-ex, but he had to go into fed-ex for a class that he took two years ago but wasn’t credited  Whiner but let’s not talk about that right now!!!!) so we’ll see when it will happen. i can still be adding more products – there are many more designs to add!
BUT anyway, the point of this post, i would love a few guinea pigs to help me find any bugs, glitches, confusing things, etc!!

and if by chance you see something you want to buy, please let me know. it is fine to buy without the stores working! in fact, i’d love to have an order! remember friends and family get 15% off.


3 thoughts on “In Need of Guinea Pigs!

  1. I can comment, but usually I am logged in automatically… This time it didn’t ask me to login…

  2. OMGoodness! I LOVE those pictures of the boys!!!!!! By the time we get that many leaves, it’s rained so much that they are just a soggy, mucky mess!… Or the wind has blown them all away! *rofl*… No need to rake here! đŸ˜‰

  3. harmon1630 says:

    I love this website. I am looking to possibly buy some stuff for Christmas and B-days.

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