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Mamahood is the piecing together of a puzzle. Each piece giving us a bigger picture of Jesus. Of his grace and mercy and love. With each passing season and newly formed stories, our reflection grows closer to his. Embracing the imperfection as a mom is the place in mamahood where transformation takes place and dependence on God deepens.

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My soul has stretched along with my skin, revealing more depth and wisdom. It has exposed every flaw, every sin, every negative, bad part in me that I never knew existed, yet grown me closer to Christ. It has changed me in ways I could never have imagined and I am only four years in.

Mamahood has pushed me to binge eating chocolate chips in the cupboard during tantrums and bouts of crying; praying, God help me and help me stop eating these things. I never understood stress eating prior.

It has given me first hand examples of how what we are living out shapes those around us. Whether we are living for the Lord or for the world can be seen through the lenses of the little disciples sleeping in the bedrooms down the hall.

Mamahood has changed my perspective of God as a father quite dramatically and keeps me in awe of his unfailing love and constant reliance and teaching and guiding and disciplining those he loves, his children – us. And we are called to do the same to ours through Jesus’ example.

As a stay at home mama being that example to three littles gets tiring. When the days are consumed with: nonstop food prep. Eating food. Cleaning dishes. Changing diapers. Picking up toys. Laundry.

More food. More dishes. Someone crying somewhere. More laundry. More diapers. Entertaining and playing. Being the referee of who gets which toy and keeping her toys safe from him. More food.

More dishes. Baths and stories and bed. It gets a little exhausting and little too routine and the soul grows a little weary in the mundane, if allowed.

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After the birth of my second, Galatians 6:9 became my daily prayer:

Imperfect Mom by Tiffany Garza from for“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Weary is defined as without strength, endurance, or spiritual resources. Other bible translations state tired or to not lose heart or not let it become tedious for us.

I do not want to be the weary mom. The tired mom. The mom who loses heart or allows this blessing of a title become synonymous with tedious.

The promise is there. If we do not grow weary, we will reap a harvest – if we do not give up. There will be good that comes out of our children as we teach and discipline and nourish not only their growing bodies but souls, as well.

Praying that as you go about your day that you would be stretched and strengthened and not be tempted to give up or give in. That you would lean on God’s promises in his word when the days grow tiresome and that he would be faithful to give you the rest and rejuvenation that you need to finish the race well.

Praying that you would see glimpses of Jesus in your children as they ask you to pray for a sick friend or for help in sending a little note to another or praise the lord for a little blessing or answered prayer. Praying these would spur you on and encourage you to hold firm to the faith, no matter what challenges await ahead.

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Tiffany GarzaAbout the Author: Tiffany Garza: I am happily married to a freshly licensed pastor working his way through the ordination process. We are currently raising two littles and in the process of fostering to adopt a sweet baby we have been loving since his birth. I love yellow, lemons and just about anything with polka dots. Giving my life to Jesus was the best decision ever and I have been on a crazy adventure of stepping out of comfort zones and trusting him since, which is currently in the form of writing + blogging at In Grace Always. Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest.

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  1. I absolutely love that prayer. Through it all, seeing glimpses of Jesus in our children is what makes it all worth while!

  2. You chose a wonderful daily prayer in Galatians 6:9. That weariness has sent me to stress eating on many occasions. I can completely relate, Tiffany! I didn’t think I would survive my daughter’s teen years. She is an amazing young 21 year old woman today. I’m constantly amazed by her and incredibly thankful that she survived what an incredibly imperfect mom I am. I hope that gives you some peace :). Many blessings to you as you continue the most important work we will ever do.

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