Imagine this…A POST!

Imagine this…A POST!

well i’m 27 weeks today. i sent the pump back to the nurses yesterday! so i’m officially off it. i am still taking 3 zofran pills a day, but i’m nothing like i was before. right now i’m sick with a cold and sore throat, as we all are. jeremiah has an ear infection on top of it!

i cannot believe how big i feel, how heavy my belly feels, how low jace feels, and how painful my lower belly and even lower are. i would NOT trade this with hyperemesis woes, but i am really in pain, i’m not kidding! i really find it hard to believe there’s still so long to go.

jamin and josiah will be 2 and 4 in a month. can you believe it? they are just getting so big. my boys are still the cutest ever and i’m sorry i haven’t shared cute, fun things with you in a while. i post on facebook nearly every day, because it’s short and quick and i don’t feel i have to drag out a lot of info. i really want to post on the blog at least once a week. please pop me an email or a comment to encourage me if i go longer than that, please!

i haven’t made much money on the digiscrapping site, but it is fun. i’m trying to take it a day at a time and use it as a ministry more than anything. i still get discouraged about it every now and then, but i’m not giving up on it.

haven’t been watching much tv lately. we still don’t have cable, and now our upstairs antenna won’t work right LOL. i have been watching america’s got talent. i love the people who have been through so much and surprise everyone with their talent. 🙂 there are quite a few good singers this year.

i am still loving church, though i miss being able to sing up front. i just can’t stand for the amount of time required. i really can’t even handle going to practice yet – i’m too tired at that time.

a few jewels from the j-boys:

jeremiah: “i just hate it when my eyebrows stick together.” (he meant eyelashes – his eyes are icky because of the ear infection)

josiah: at the parade a few weeks ago, after seeing people in “cowboy” attire riding horses: “did you just see that? there are real cowboys! i just knew there were still cowboys!”

jamin: “mama love”

well i know i had more to say, but as usual, when i’m here i can never think of anything!!

keep praying for us.

love you all!


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  1. You really should post more, because there are lazy people (like me) who don’t really get into facebook! *lol* … We want to hear how you’re doing too!

    I know you think you have a long ways to go, but I am surprised to hear that you’re already 27 weeks. Amazing!!!

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