i’m here!

i’m here!

i’m still here. don’t worry too much about me.

after a bout of sickness, which i’m still unsure if it was related to the new medicine or not, i am feeling much better. still need to work on getting more sleep in my system, but other than that, i feel better.

still need major prayers on the new job front for jerry. he either needs one full-time job with wonderful benefits or he needs a different full-time job that pays more, and he’ll keep his part-time fed-ex job. PLEASE pray.

along the money vein, which is almost all i talk about anymore, and i’m sorry about that! i would love for you to be my sounding board!!

if i was able to get out of the house for ONE DAY a week, free babysitting, to work from 1130-530, what would you suggest i look at???

also, and i know i’ve asked this before, and i’ll ask it again, would anyone be interested in putting a blessed mama creations button on your site? if so please let me know.
i am in awe that josiah is almost one. it just blows my mind. it shouldn’t, when people ask me how old he is and are surprised he’s not one yet. yesterday a lady said he lookd much bigger than two, but still acted babyish. jerry and i were like, that’s cuz he’s a baby. LOL. if she’d seen him running around she’d have been really confused tho! he has been talking a lot more lately too – repeating most of what we say. he will focus really hard to try to say something. he is so incredibly adorable and amazing. he’s a stubborn little guy too! he loves climbing on things, and he’ll climb on a chair, look over at us, listen to us say “no”, then start bouncing on the chair. LOL. sigh.

jeremiah is more and more amazing every day too. he’ll be exactly 2 1/2 this month. i keep wondering when potty training will sound appealing to him. i keep wondering when he’ll “get it”. i am not pressing him, so i’m not sure if i’m helping him or hindering him. he is such a handsome and smart little guy! he’s so sweet too, unless his brother happens to be in his way. SIGH.

well that’s it for now. God bless all!!

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  1. Meesh

    I suggest you look at teaching others creatively, either in an arts type class, or teaching in general. You seem to have oodles of patience and a ton of creativity.
    If that isn’t possible, what about Michael’s or somewhere like that?
    Or a local arts shop that needs someone once a week?

  2. Hey Jenn once we get a home page up on our message board, I will gladly have a link to BMC. =)

    Also, Ian is not having this potty training stuff at all. We keep trying and I just keep cleaning pee out of the carpet. =(

  3. hey jenn! somehow my other login got messed up (dani) so i have this one! i’m way behind on updates! can’t believe josiah is about to be 1 already!!!! my goodness! just wanted to let you know i’m back! 🙂 have a good weekend…..and i’m prayin for you. *HUGS*

  4. I’d be happy to put a button on my site..:)

    Glad you are feeling better! Love ya!

  5. You posted! Yay!

    I’ve already had one of your buttons on junglemom.com for a while now… Aren’t I a good friend! 😉 😆

    It’s hard to believe that Josiah will be a year old next month. It doesn’t seem remotely possible. These kids of ours need to SLOW down… Because my little Pixie will be THREE next month. If I wasn’t pregnant again, I think I would be crying! 😆

    Love you!

  6. I’ve had a link. Where are the buttons at?

    I’m not really good at sewing.

  7. Uh, then again, it’s not like anyone reads my blog…

  8. How about seeing if there’s an opening at the local hospital.. I know ours has a snack bar.. gift shop.. and a few other odd jobs around the place…
    I pray Jerry finds the perfect answer to his job issues…

    I think I will really keep my blog open.. I think now is just so busy and that’s a major component of why I haven’t been blogging normal.. Kids are in a free summer recreation program the school offers.. plus that also includes swim classes everyday… I’ve actually had 3 jobs in one week that I’ve been dealing with.. and tons of stress which has led to me having a stiff neck (a thing I always get under lots of stress)

    So pop by occationally… the more I think about it.. the more I think I will post pictures through my dry spell until I start blogging again..

    Wish you all the best…

  9. Brandy

    If it was me, I would do one of two things…I would volunteer for an animal rescue outfit or I would volunteer to work with deaf people since I am trying to learn sign language BUT those are my interests. What are your interests? Animals? Kids? Elderly? That will give you an idea of what the best path for you is….I really liked Meesh’s suggestion of some kind of art or creative outlet since you are very creative. 🙂

    I would be happy to put a button on my site if you will givew me a clue as to how to link it using CSS. I miss HTML, this CSS stuff drives me BONKERS. 🙂

  10. I’d love to put a button on my site. 🙂 Just let me know how.

    It’s so much fun to hear about what your boys are learning and doing. Praying for y’all! – Jess

  11. hey guys 🙂 i will definitely pray that everything turns out ok, and jerry finds a good job for you guys. i’m sure it will work out in the end.

    my journal is password-protected, but i would be more than happy to put a link to you on my site somewhere, just let me know!

  12. BeckiK

    I’m glad you guys are doing well and going strong. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Summer has us very busy and gone alot. HUGS!

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