i’m back!

i’m back!

i’m back! i’m back!!!! i’m back!!!!!

i still have NO idea what happened, but my blog has been down for about a week!! if you came by and thought i’d closed the blog or something, i apologize! i’m back!

once we can afford to purchase a new hosting plan (we are on a free plan right now) we will be moving the blog to a new secure location. i will ALSO be unpassword-protecting the blog then! i will still have pw protected posts but the blog will be accessible to the outside world. 😉

lots has happened since i’ve been gone. the biggest news happened today: i am an aunt!!!! my sister in law and brother had reagan elizabeth today!!! she’s 5lbs 9oz and 18 3/4 inches. she is SO tiny and SO beautiful and SO precious. we got to visit her today. i’m so thankful she made it into the world with no difficulties. 🙂 i will see if it’s ok to post her pics before i do. but CONGRATULATIONS JAY AND NATALIE and WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE REAGAN!!!!!!

another fun thing that’s happened, is josiah is really walking now. below are two videos from the other day.

and check out flickr for new pics – there’s a lemon collage that’s cute. i will have to upload a TON of pics to the gallery soon, now that i have it back. 🙂
it’s great to be back!!!

who missed me? 😀

oh GREAT news – i was blessed by a dear HK sister with a fifty dollar love gift – for us to keep lifeisprecious.org. isn’t God good!?!?!

God bless – have a great Sonday!!!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “i’m back!

  1. Carol

    Congratulations on the birth of your niece!

    Glad you are back online!

  2. welcome back!
    Aww..congrats on your new neice..My cousin is planning on naming her little girl (who should be here August 1st) Reagan…

  3. I like the header. It’s colorful… I’ve always liked colors! 😀

    Is the sidebar supposed to change once you click the link to comment?


  4. amyjo

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt! She was a tiny baby! Was she born a little early?
    I’m glad your blog is up again!

    Have a great week!


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