I’m a Part of a Girl Group!

I'm in a Girl Group!

Okay, not really a girl group. But I was asked to contribute to a 30 day series for moms of girls at KayleneYoder.com. When my friend Kaylene first invited me, I felt awful. How I want a little girl to call me “Mama.” But she assured me that I could write from the perspective of a boy-mom. So, I used one of her suggestions, and my post ended up as a letter to my future daughter-in-love. It will be “live” on her site on May 20. 🙂

I wanted to make sure I let everyone know about this series, so no one misses the great posts. 30 different bloggers have come together to write this series! Each of us has a different writing style, a different parenting style, and of course, different children. I know you can pick up something useful from each of these wonderful ladies.

See the whole series here:

2 thoughts on “I’m a Part of a Girl Group!

  1. THANK YOU for sharing, Jen! You’re a great fit in this Girl Group! Your post is a wonderful addition. Blessings to you, my friend.

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