Well, for my very first entry, I’m talking about icky tests.

I got back from the tests, an HSG test and two blood tests – and my uterus is normal, meaning it’s not obstructed and should work fine, soooo – all clear there!
Now we’ll just see when the blood tests get back which medicine they’ll be giving me – they know I’ll be getting some medicine, they’re just not sure which. This medicine will be used to get me to ovulate. We’ve been married almost four years and I haven’t ovulated once (at least, I guess not).
What a pain! All those periods for nothing….

So when it happens, that is good news and a blessing!

The test was pretty painful, and I’m having pretty severe cramps and some bleeding now, but they say that’s normal.

We’ll see, and I’ll of course update!!!

Hopefully, Lord willing, I’ll conceive either this month or next month! Please, Lord!!!

Please pray for us!!!! All prayers are coveted!

God bless every visitor and friend!