“I Quit!”

“I Quit!”

no, i’m not quitting blogging. though, if i blogged based on comments, i might consider quitting! 😉

“i quit” is jeremiah’s new phrase. i have NO idea where he got it, but when he’s frustrated about something (usually too tired to handle anything), this is what he says! it is so hard not to laugh out loud when he says things like that…

josiah’s cuteness of the week is that he says “oosic” for music and “eeano” for piano. the boy is a doll. he is also three hands-full. he is so busy and such a SPIRITED child. we are with-holding milk products to see if they are one of the causes of his behavior problems. i have noticed a slight change, but nothing definitive yet. i hear it takes 3-4 weeks or even longer to see a change.

jamin is getting bigger and bigger. i can’t believe how fast he’s growing. he’s, what, 12 weeks today, and tomorrow he’ll be 3 months. isn’t that INSANE?! yesterday i took him for his 3 month portraits with a free coupon at olan mills. i think i might be able to do better tomorrow. 😉 he is sooooooooooo cute i can’t get over it sometimes.

the boys are really enjoying him lately. now that he smiles at them and coos, hoos and goos at them, lol, they think he’s the cutest thing! they are ALWAYS saying they love him. :lovey:

we are still trying to get the websites up and running. i’ve done a lot on lilcharacters, but it’s still not done yet. if you would like me to send you a pic sample of something let me know! you can order even when the site isn’t done!

2 thoughts on ““I Quit!”

  1. Having little ones around is so much fun, isn’t it? I remember how Jared and Josh acted around Alicia when she was a baby. They thought the sun rose and set on her. 🙂 … So sweet!

    Love ya!

    P.S. You better not quit blogging! *lol*

  2. All my children are spirited! Winters are especially hard on them because they can be stuck indoors with no place to “let off steam” but indoors!

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