i am SO sorry!

i am SO sorry!

i thought jerry had used the redirect script on both blessedmama.net and blessedmama.net/blog, but it was only on blessedmama.net. i apologize, especially since it was such a suspensful last post!!! no, i am NOT pregnant. i had the “visit” from evil aunt flo. but i’m praying for THREE ladies that we’ll all be preggo pals! 😀 this is a good month, girls!! 🙂

please continue to pray about jerry’s job – he is really searching for a new one. he had an interview today, but it would be the same work and the same distance for less money. 🙁 he really wanted to take it, but knows we can’t do it. and ALSO please pray for our business. he is working like crazy every spare minute to get the site up. we AT LEAST want it ready for holiday cards – that would be SO GREAT if we could get a lot of business for that. OH while i’m thinking of it, if anyone wants a photo mousepad for a gift, please let me know!! 🙂

i had what i thought was a blow to my ego this weekend. i am on a creative team for a very nice lady. [a creative team gets to use free kits by digital designers so they can show off the layouts using kits, so that other people will want to buy the said kits.] i accepted it not really knowing how much time it would take, and i didn’t know what her stuff would be like. she really needs people, so i have stuck with her, but i haven’t been doing many layouts because i’m not overly inspired by her stuff. i’d tried out for a creative team on gottapixel, my absolute favorite digital place, and was fairly certain i would win. well, i didn’t. i was REALLY upset. i mean REALLY – ask julie! but like i told her today; sunday and today, i have had a thought breeze by that i ingored and i finally actually THOUGHT about it today. i feel like the Lord was saying, “jenn, why would i bless you with a new responsibility when you haven’t cared for your committment to dana’s group?” WOW that hit hard. so i’m going to try to get all of dana’s kits made up. when i think about it, it has been very rude and disrespectful to her that i haven’t followed through. so i guess it was actually a blessing that i didn’t make the creative team, because i can get all of dana’s kits caught up. i’ll be ready if another team call comes along. 🙂

speaking of dana’s kits, here are two i did last night and this morning:

oh and i also redid (called re-scrapped) the “where’s jo-jo” page, because i really didn’t like the original. i LOVE the new one. 🙂

and here is one of my adorable niece, that i finally got permission to share 😉 :

i hope everyone is doing great! have a wonderful week, friends! i love you!

5 thoughts on “i am SO sorry!

  1. You already know that I *love* the layouts!!! :mrgreen:

    Joe would like to get a new job too, closer to home. He has a 45 mile drive, and the Durango is a gas HOG… But with the driving waiver he has on his CDL, because of his eyes, it makes it hard to find driving jobs he can actually take. *sighs*

    Love you!

    P.S. Glad you’re doing better…

  2. I really love that second to last LO. Something about the way the journaling was done. Totally appealing.

  3. i LOVE those layouts! i agree with manda, i love the journaling on the 3rd one. gosh those boys are getting so big! 🙂

  4. Hi Jenn! Praying for you guys! Sorry you didn’t win to get on that creative team, but like you said, God had other plans for you! BTW, I love those layouts!!

  5. Melikes the layouts, too! I love seeing the digital pages – you do a great job.

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