Household News

Household News

jeremiah almost fell down the stairs the other day. he was rushing ahead of me, as i was helping josiah down the stairs. he wasn’t holding on to the railing. he went head-first, and was going to roll down the whole way. i grabbed the neck of his shirt, and pulled, scratching his neck in the process, but i stopped him from falling, thank the Lord. he was near the very top, so it would have been more serious than his last stair tumble. it was very scary to all of us. josiah was too scared to walk down the stairs after it (he usually likes for me to hold his hand going down) and jeremiah has been kind of skiddish around the stairs since. he has agreed that he MUST hold onto the railing now, so that’s at least good.

josiah has been saying so many words lately. he’s a little talker!! today, when he first went into go take a nap, he started calling, “maaaa-maaaa, i neeeeed youuuuuu” clear as day, just like jeremiah says it!! honestly, for a minute, i thought it WAS jeremiah! jerry was here so he can verify for me lol.

please pray for jerry. yesterday he was really sick with his heart thing again. he was down almost all day, feeling lightheaded, dizzy, very out of it. it normally passes quickly, so it was rather scary. he is at work now, so pray it doesn’t return.

yesterday the boys, mom and dad and i went to texas roadhouse with my brothers, sister-in-law and baby neice. my brother jay’s birthday was last friday. reagan is getting so big!! and she is sooooo cute. jeremiah really enjoyed visiting with her. josiah just eyed her with an amount of distrust. we had a good time, tho the boys were quite rowdy and noisy. josiah was really cranky, mostly because of lack of sleep.

last night we went to amanda’s church, where they were having a halloween alternative. they did bible story skits in different sections of the parking lot, and when a skit was over, the kids got candy. because we arrived late, and because it was already really dark and really cold, we didn’t go to all of the skits. we ended up in the garage/barn area, eating cookies and drinking apple cider. i haven’t seen the pics yet, but i’m hoping they are good!! jeremiah was dressed up like a cowboy, and josiah was a fireman.

jeremiah is sooo friendly now. he says “mama, i wanna talk” because he knows i want him to ask permission before he talks to just anyone. it’s so cute. 🙂

i have been battling major headaches. i think it’s from lack of sleep, but i’m not positive. if you could be praying for me, i’d appreciate it.

i will be revealing some adorable designs that jerry made in the next post…i think you’ll love them. 🙂


jeremiah; 37 inches, 33 lbs

josiah; 31 inches, 24.5 lbs

ttyl – love ya!

4 thoughts on “Household News

  1. oh my goodness! I am glad you were able to get a hold of Jeremiah and prevent him from falling down the stairs! I am sort of glad we didn’t have stairs when the kids were little. Our new house has them, but the kids are old enough to know better now! When we first moved in here, Joshua thought that he can slide down the reiling. I quickly put a stop to THAT! Hope Jerry is doing well! And the rest of you guys too!

  2. that is scary about jeremiah. adriana hasn’t had any near falling accidents here (yet) knock on wood! poor jerry. i hope it stays away and i hope you get more sleep. why haven’t you been sleeping so well? :*( i can’t wait to see pics of the boys in their costumes. take care!

  3. amyjo

    I can’t believe how big your boys are getting! What I really can’t believe is that Josiah and Mackenzie are about the same size and Mackenzie is 3! She is 33 inches, 25 pounds! She’s just our little peanut!
    Take care!

  4. How scary… I don’t like stairs for that very reason. We had too many close calls with Amanda in the Sandy house. I’m glad we don’t have them here.

    The boys are getting so big! Amanda and Jeremiah are the same height! Cool huh? But Amanda only weighs 27 pounds.

    Hope Jerry feels better soon!


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