Homeschooling Resources We Love

Homeschooling Resources We Love

Welcome to our page of amazing homeschooling resources!

Keep in mind that while titled homeschooling, this page is not just for homeschoolers! Teachers of classrooms or Sunday school, and parents in search of extra activities for their kids over school breaks can also find useful items.

Most of these resources are totally free at the time of this posting–if anything that I’ve marked free does NOT show up free for you, please leave a comment and I’ll fix it! All other resources are super affordable–I’m aiming for under $5.

Please let me know in the comments if there’s a resource you love that you think belongs here.

I just LOVE finding new ideas for teaching, and of course, fun new activities for the kids.

If you find something new here, please consider sharing this post with your friends! 🙂

This page is ALWAYS being updated, so check back for new stuff! 🙂

Hint: Just click the + and the topic will expand so the links will be visible! 🙂

For the Teaching Parent





For Toddlers, Pre-K & Kindergarten Students

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  1. Thanks for sharing for such great resources with us!!! Keep sharing such a great blog that would help everyone in homeschooling their children in the best possible way. I would be really helpful for me as my elder son is in Online Homeschool High School.

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