Healthy Tips Thursday: Homemade Sunscreen

Thanks to my sweet and beautiful sister-in-law for this tip! This is the recipe she uses and said it works great. It was originally found on an image on Pinterest, with no credit. I tried a google images search and came up with nothing.

What do you say about an all natural sunscreen, with no unwanted dyes or chemicals?! Have you ever LOOKED at the ingredients in a bottle of commercial sunscreen? YIKES!

This is a pretty simple recipe that doesn’t take too long to make.


1/2 cup almond oil OR olive oil

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup beeswax OR candelilla wax

2 tbs zinc oxide (It’s best to get the uncoated, non-nano.)


1 tsp vitamin E oil (If you use vitamin E oil, make sure you get the real vitamin E and not synthetic. Get D Alpha-tocopherol NOT DL Alpha-tocopheryl. If you get the capsules, you can cut them open and squeeze the oil out.)

2 tb shea butter



Combine everything except zinc in a pint size or larger glass jar.

Fill medium sauce pan with a few inches water; set on medium heat.

Put lid loosely on jar, set jar in water.

Stir occasionally as contents melt together to get it evenly mixed.

Stir in zinc oxide.

Remove from heat and continue to stir to make sure the zinc is mixed in well as it cools.

Divide up into small glass jars (baby food jars work great), but lotion pumps do not work well.

Apply just like regular sunscreen.

Best if used within six months.

Easy Peasy!!

(Please note that I linked to amazon products. I’m not saying you have to buy these things at amazon – you can probably find these ingredients at your nearest health food store, holistic store or maybe even your grocery or walmart.)

I plan to update with pics of my guys as soon as I get all the ingredients! I would LOVE to hear how this worked for you, and even see pics of it slathered on little faces. 🙂

Stay safe! Blessings,


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  1. It worked great for me! and we didn’t get burned! Yay!

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