He Has a Name!

He Has a Name!

we decided on a name for now! i really like jamin zachariah, and jerry said that’s fine with him, unless we discover another name we love even more.

that reminds me, yesterday i was asking jeremiah what we should name baby, and he said “he’s j-bug!” and i said “well how about jamie-bug? his name can be jamin and we can call him jamie?” and he said “NO not jamie-bug, J-BUG!!!!” so i told him whatever we named him, he could call him j-bug. and he was very happy. LOL!

i really need to get better at writing cute stuff out…i forget it so quickly!!!

anyway i KNEW if i could call him something, i would feel much better about him being a boy. i’m imagining matching outfits, ballgames, and much more boy fun. who knows if we’ll have another baby – it will be the Lord’s doing if we do. if we have another boy, he’ll probably jadon timothy or jadon something else. and of course we have our girl’s name all set. 😉

thanks for all the prayers for us. love you guys!

5 thoughts on “He Has a Name!

  1. That’s a nice name. 🙂 … I thought you wanted an “ah” at the end? Change your mind?

    What colors do you want for Jamin’s quilt?… Though I won’t be able to make it until May or June… I don’t have time to sew while homeschooling, and I have a queen sized quilt I need to finish first.

    What about the nursery? Are you going to empty out your 3rd room for Jamin? (Don’t you have toys in there?)

    Love you!

  2. I’ve never heard that name before! It’s cute. Is it pronounced like JAHMIN? Or JAYMEN?

    Are you still going to go with Jalia for a girl? Jamin is just really similar to that, since there’s only two letters difference– it may not bother you at all; that was just the issue I had with Elias and a multitude of girls names (like Ella, Lia, etc). 🙂

    Since Julia mentioned it, how many bedrooms do you have? I’ve never seen any pictures of your house! Just curious.

  3. Oh, I really like that! (I’m assuming it is pronounced like “jay -men” am I right?) It really flows with Jeremiah and Josiah’s names 🙂

    Best Wishes, sweet mama!

    (PS – I’m not sure I gave you my username and password for my diary… if I didn’t email me rockingranola@yahoo.com and I’ll get it to you, babe!)


  4. i like the name jamin. it’s cute, it’s “J”, and it’s not common 🙂

  5. I like it! That’s one I’ve never heard before. My brother’s name is Benjamin and every now and then we call him Ben-Jamin. 🙂

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