Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!

i cannot believe that you are THREE years old. it still seems like yesterday that papa and i were praying so hard for your conception. then we prayed so hard for you to come safely into the world. and now you are three. time sure does fly.

you are such an amazing son! you are so sweet, sensitive and helpful. you are mama’s big helper. you still have a bit of an attitude sometimes, but for the most part, you are obedient and compliant when you are asked to do something. you grow more and more handsome every day, and you are so smart! you love your little brother and your new baby sibling (you are SURE baby j-bug is a baby sister).

there are so many things about you that amaze me. you are such a precious child. i can’t believe that you potty trained by your third birthday! you stay dry all day and (most) every night. you also only poop in the potty. you can pee in a toilet wherever you are – this is a big hurdle for you!

i am just amazed by the person that you are. i wish that i felt better to go into more detail about how much you mean to me. i cry when i think about all that you are to me. and i love the fact that you always want me to sing your special “jeremiah” song to you.

happy third birthday, jeremiah. we love you SOOOOOO much!!!! 




i went for my checkup today to see how i was doing – i am up half a pound, which they are thrilled about. he gave me a prescription for 8mg instead of 4mg, hoping that helps more.
he listened for the heartbeat, and since he couldn’t hear it, and we just HAPPENED to be in the ultrasound room, he did a quick u/s of baby bug. jeremiah and i saw the tiny little bug and the heart swirling. jeremiah is convinced he’s going to have a baby sister. ;)
it’s always such a thrill to see your baby on the screen. i just get tears fill my eyes and it takes my breath away! it was really neat that jeremiah got to see baby bug too. besides the dr and me, he’s the only one who’s seen j-bug!! how cool is that?!

did i mention what name i’m thinking of for a boy? jakobah jamison. what do you think? we are sure about the first name. his nn will be koby. just not set on a middle name yet. it has to be seven letters. 😀

gotta get to bed – tomorrow’s a big day for the birthday boy. we’re actually not doing anything, but i still want it to FEEL special for him. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!

  1. Happy birthday Jeremiah! Can’t believe you’re 3!!!!

    How do you pronounce Jakobah? Kind of like Jacob, with an “ah” at the end? Sounds nice… I like Jamison too.

    Hope you’re feeling better today!


  2. Happy Birthday, Jeremiah! See you on Saturday!
    Aunt Nat, Uncle Jay & Baby Reagan

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