Happy Birthday, Dear!

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Jerry’s birthday is today. Happy Birthday, my love!
Today is also the last day for the 36% off deal going in in my stores! Take advantage now, because you will want to use my kits next month during my contest!
What contest? you may be asking….
My dh and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on October 17th. In honor of that, I will be having a 10% discount on all of my store for the month of October. On top of that, I will be running a contest until October 17th. For the contest, you will get a “ticket” toward a drawing with each layout you make using my kits. Only one layout per kit will count towards a “ticket”. My personal CT is ineligible. On October 17th, I will use a random generator to choose a “ticket” number. That winner will receive a TEN dollar coupon to my store! I plan on releasing a product every day until then (but we’ll see if life gets in the way of that plan or not! LOL).
On the 17th, I will also be releasing a special kit that is in honor of my love and marriage. I’m very excited about it.

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