Guess Who’s B-I-G?!

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last night josiah pulled himself onto jeremiah’s highchair tray (the high chair is on the floor) and grabbed his piece of pizza and tried to eat it! LOL. this means he had one hand holding himself up and the other hand was holding a pizza. this morning when he woke up, he was on his knees holding onto the side of the crib. and know what else? josiah started crawling for real today. not just half an inch, real crawling! he has been pulling himself up onto things like crazy today.Â? i can’t believe how strong he is. he is sitting on his own now too. i just can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. :*( at the same time, i’m so proud of him.

i finally cleared out my memory card today so hopefully new pics will come soon! 🙂

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  1. Julie

    When you said he was close, you really meant it! 😆 Such a big boy!!!!! … I can’t believe he’s almost 7 months old. *sighs*

  2. InspiredHome

    They grow so fast. My oldest will be 3 1/2 tomorrow. Sigh.
    And my other boy will be 2 in 2 months. Where does the time go?

  3. Bobbie

    Who hoo.. sounds like Josiah’s doing really well… Hard to believe he’s already old enough for pulling up and crawling.. seems like just yesterday that you had him…
    Hope you are all well.

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