i was just reading old posts, from the time i was pregnant with jamin. they were very similar. i was in the same situation then. just as miserable. i don’t know, it’s possible it’s worse this time. it sure feels like it. it was about 16 weeks that i seemed to turn the corner with his pregnancy. i pray that happens with this one too. i’m nearly 12 weeks now, and 4 more weeks doesn’t seem that bad, in the grand scheme of things. it was funny to read that i was SURE we weren’t having any more kids after jamin. lol.

right now i still have the zofran pump all the time, and i also have an iv hooked up for hydration. i feel a little better with that, but i still don’t feel great. going into the kitchen still sends me vomiting. 🙁 it’s also really hard to do anything at all (even if i had the energy) with the boys with wires all over your body, and an iv to drag around. the stairs are really fun.

i’m really sorry i’m so depressing anymore. i’m honestly so depressed that i don’t even want to post anything, but i want there to be something written about this pregnancy.

i feel baby bless moving a lot. i’ve been trying to remember to rub my tummy and speak to baby, because i just feel so sick i forget WHY i’m so sick. 🙁 i love this baby so much. i do not want to resent him/her in any way. 🙁

this IS our last baby this time. it is. 4 is it. i honestly could not go through it again. i love each of my babies so much. i would do anything for them. it’s not fair to them or to my hubby to put myself through this again.

please keep praying for us. it’s a real struggle to get through each day. the church is helping, but there are still lots of gaps that need to be filled. pray specifically for my spiritual and emotional health.

love you all!

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  1. I am glad the end seems in sight for you Jenn. Keep taking it easy on yourself, there will be time to catch up later. Thanks for reminding me why I want to be done!

  2. I can’t even imagine. I got sick with both pregnancies, and I didn’t want to do ANYTHING– and I was nowhere near as bad as you are. I can’t even imagine coping. I think all you should focusing on is surviving this period right now, because you WILL get through it, and I’m sure in a year you’ll look back and be on the other side and have no idea how it happened. Don’t worry about not having as much energy for the house or boys. They’ll all still be there when your health picks up. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do, even if it’s sending a Domino’s gift certificate so you can order food in a few times. ::hugs::

  3. thenolts

    My Dear Jenn, I feel your pain. Pregnancy was miserable for me too. Just keep in mind what God’s word says. Children are a blessing from the Lord! You are blessed! How many women do you know who cannot have children! I remember complaining to one woman about my misery! She was not able to get pregnant, and she told me, “I would love to be miserable if that’s what it took to be pregnant.” While I’m not making light of your suffering, maybe this can help put it in some perspective. I’m praying for you!

  4. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment… It’s so not fun being without your computer for 10 days!!!!!

    I hope your ms ends soon! … Do you know when you’re going to have your big ultrasound?

    Love you!

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