Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose

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I just read this.

Whatever you think of gun control, the people should not be bypassed to enact measures that might not otherwise be enacted. It is supreme arrogance to assume your position is so right that it is OK to force it upon a people.

What if a Christian President, horrified at the number of Americans that ignorantly walk into the fiery pits of Hell, decided to enact an executive order, forcing all Americans to accept Jesus as their Savior, under penalty of heavy fines or imprisonment.

How about evolution. Much like a real guns, secular school teachers wield an evangelistic gun of evolutionary atheism that is having deadly consequences upon today’s youth. Maybe we should get a Christian President in office to pass an executive order, banning the teaching of evolution in public schools.

I mean, we’ve got to save people from themselves, right? If we can’t get congress to do something, it it time to violate the will of the people for their own good.

And the sad thing is that someone out there is going to read this and assume it’s really a post about protecting our gun rights, but it isn’t. It’s about protecting the freedom of the people to choose.

I may not agree with the direction this country is turning but I do not believe I have the “right” to force my will upon the people of this country. To do so would be to commit political rape.

The executive order function of the Presidency is misused and ignores the voice of “we the people”.

As in Christian evangelism, you cannot force change. You have to target the heart of the hearer. There is a great gulf between outward subjection and inward conviction. To force your hand is to devolve from being a servant of the people to nothing more than moral dictator.

Outer change is only temporary. Inward change is lasting. You need to present your case and hope that is enough to persuade the people that your position is right. You cannot force a change of heart.

The same goes for Christians. We cannot legislate moral conviction. We can only preach the truth in love, live a life free of hypocrisy (as much as humanly possible) and allow the Holy Spirit to work on the heart of the unbeliever.

We must not assume the role of the Holy Spirit. We cannot make people believe. And God doesn’t force himself upon anyone either. It wouldn’t be love if he made people love Him. He allows people the freedom to choose, and, unfortunately, that includes the freedom to choose wrongly. We should afford the same.

This country is not always going to make right decisions but we must not violate the people’s right to choose.

(Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

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