Fire sale @ Paradise Praises

My friend Katie and her family need to save up some money for expenses, so they’re running a fire sale! This is great for you, because it means you can get a bunch of things bundled into a great deal. Also included are lots of bonuses. Other friends of Katie’s have donated items to the sale as well, so it’s an incredible deal. For just $10, you get over $100 of ebooks and resources and $25 in coupon bonuses!!!!

From Katie:

Why am I doing this?
Our family needs to recover from some rather large dental bills, car repairs and unexpected government/visa fees we’ve incurred over the last few months. Between summer furlough expenses and these bills, we’ve depleted our already small savings accounts. Instead of just asking for donations, we have decided to hold a “Fire Sale” to help cover the bills we owe and start building up savings again for those unexpected -and usually expensive- things that seem to be always just around the corner.

You also have the option of spending $20 to get all the same things listed above PLUS get her brand new Melk, The Christmas Monkey book that I have been talking about recently!

I hope you’ll check it out to see, because I’m sure there’s something you’d love to own.

God bless,

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