Jennifer Ann

Christian, SAHMama & Wifey, Prolife, Singer, Scrapper, Photographer, Writer, Artist, Romantic, Lovable, Huggable, A bit on the cheesy side. 🙂 A major dork. Possibly on the Autism spectrum. Needs but hates schedules, needs to lose weight, needs friendships but also to be alone sometimes.

All About Me In 80 Questions!!!!!!
name: Jennifer
nickname: Jenn
age: 37
b-day: 12-18-75
birthplace: Chattanooga, TN
current location: Greenwood, IN
eyecolor: gray/blue/green
hair color: dark blond/light brown
peircings: none
tattoos: none
boyfriend/girlfriend: Husband: Jerry!
siblings: Jay, Josh, Jannelle
color: purple
music: Contemporary Christian, Praise and Worship
musicians: oh so many! Fernando Ortega, Steven Curtis Chapman, Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe, Mandisa, Bebo Norman,
musical groups: so many again! Casting Crowns, Sanctus Real, The Afters, Sidewalk Prophets, MercyMe, Hawk Nelson,
sport: not a sports fan
holiday: Easter
food: pizza, steak, potatoes, tacos
movie: Frequency
celebrity: Jim Caveziel
place:  ?
drink: Root Beer
day of week:  ?
animal: lambs
time of day:  ?
smell: cinnamon
t.v. channel: probably Syfy (still hate that name though!)
song: too many to name
This Or That
hugs or kisses: both
pepsi or coke: neither – Zevia!
mcdonalds or burger king: Wendy’s
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
lover or fighter: lover
friends or family: both
love or money: love
listen to someone talk ot talking: depends
personality or looks: personality
magazines or comics: my boys’ comics 🙂
pop star or word up:  neither
are you in love: yes
have you ever been in love: yes
do you believe in love at first sight: for some people
longest relationship: current – married nearly 15 years
kiss on first date: no way
ever cheated on someone (be honest): nope
do you do drugs: nope
do you drink: nope
do you have any regrets: yes
want to get married: i am
want kids: i do
do you believe in yourself: yes
last movie you saw at the movies? was it good: Epic. it was pretty good
can you handle the truth: yes
biggest fear: being burned alive
most missed memory:  ?
first thought waking up: i gotta pee!
how do you want to die: old, with my hubby
do you get along with your parents: yes
do you swear: no
do you have a pet: two cats
have you ever passed out: yes
do you party: no
do you get good grades: n/a
Do You Believe In
god: GOD
aliens: no
ghost: no
afterlife: yes
myself: yes
karma: no
magic: I believe it exists. I do not believe it’s a good thing.