Jamin’s Birth Story

8.8.07 – arrived at hospital 9:40pm. at 10:45, nurse said the dr wanted to keep me for 2 hours observation. i was dilated 2-3cm when she checked me. at 11:05, the nurse said the dr said to watch for another hour and that i could drink some water if i wanted. i walked around the hospital floor with jerry, hoping to get things moving. when the nurse checked me again, she said i was still in between 2-3cm and only 50% effaced (which, the dr had said i was 80% effaced the day before!). she made a big deal about how it was obvious that i wasn’t progressing, and that the dr wouldn’t want to help things along because jamin was only 37 and a half weeks (he was actually two days from being 38 weeks). i left VERY disappointed and upset. i was still having my contractions close together and they were starting to get harder. the dr prescribed an ambien to help me sleep. they sent me home. 🙁

8.9.07 – i was really feeling bad on thursday. i just felt completely worn out. jerry actually called the nurse for me, because he was wondering if he should go into work or not. he didn’t want to be called away suddenly. the nurse said if we hurried, the dr could see me, to check me. so we rushed over to his office. i sat in the room almost an hour. i started feeling really awful – and started vomiting, right on the table. embarrassingly, while vomiting, i could not control myself from peeing! all over the table! the nurse came to the door and asked if i was ok…no, i’m not! i went to the bathroom to clean up, where i noticed i’d lost my bloody show, and she cleaned up the room and table…she brought me a water, and i told jerry and the boys they could come in if they wanted. the boys were getting antsy, and hadn’t yet eaten, so i told jerry he could take them to burger king to get a bite, then just wait in the van for me. i hoped it wouldn’t be too much longer.

when the dr finally came in, he checked me and said i was now a solid 3, and 90% effaced. he asked how i was feeling and i confided that i was feeling pretty awful, but i was also feeling stupid, because my body always did this. with the big boys, i also got stuck at around 3, and needed some help to continue. he said that if i were his wife, he would send me to the hospital, get me hooked up on the antibiotic, and try to move things along. he said he hated to see his patients so miserable. he asked how i felt about it. i said that i’d really rather not have pitocin this time, but i was up for moving things along. so he said he was going to call me in to the hospital.

i arrived at the hospital at 3pm. it took a while for someone to get an iv in me. the nurse tried on my left hand and the vein burst badly. in fact, the large green circle is finally just now healed! she got a good vein on the right hand, thankfully. amanda arrived sometime in between here. she came just to sit with me so i wasn’t alone, which was such a blessing. at about 5:30, the nurse said the antibiotic was on its way, but that there has to be 8 hours between the two doses. so we assumed jamin wouldn’t be born until the next day.

at 6:35 gramma arrived. jeremiah had been really sad and disappointed that he couldn’t go to the hospital to see me, so he gave woody to gramma for me. wasn’t that too sweet? of course, he gave me josiah’s woody, not his own. LOL but he had been playing with josiah’s woody at the time. my mom took a little nap and amanda massaged my back and also french-braided my hair – it looked pretty cute!
6:37: the antibiotic was finally entered into the iv.

7:30: jerry arrived! grampa was home with the boys. jerry left soon after he arrived tho, to make sure the boys got to bed ok.
bp checked – very good, as usual.

8:30: dr stall came to discuss pain control. i mentioned that i was probably going to need an epidural, but i wanted to wait as long as possible. i was dilated 3-4, i was 90% effaced and at station -1. he broke my water. there was only a small amount of clear water that showed up. i got up to go to the bathroom and while i was in there i was screaming in pain from the contractions. oh goodness did they hurt! i had to have someone help me get back to bed. dr stall said he was going to change and would be back to check soon.

by this time the contractions were tortuous. i was begging for an epidural. amanda said she would tell the nurse, so she pushed the call button. the nurse said – i have to check you!

9:07: dia. 7cm, station 0.

9:15: the dr did a cervical block, telling me it would help calm me down if we did an epidural. i don’t think they could have done one the way i was writhing all over in pain. it did help control the pain a little, and when he checked me, i was still 7cm, and was posterior.

at this time i was getting really worried jerry wasn’t back yet. i kept saying “i want jerry!” or “i want an epidural!”

9:31: dr stall stretched my cervix on the right side, as the left was already stretched and thin. i was so upset that jerry wasn’t there yet!!

jerry finally got there at about 9:36 or so. it was such a relief to see him!! after hollering for a mirror several times, the nurses finally brought one in, and finally got it in the right position so i could see jamin! once i could see him i was excited, and pushed him out. his shoulders were the hardest to get out, and dr stall had me hold onto one of jamin’s arms while i pushed, because he knew it would help me along.

9:43: jamin was welcomed into the world. dr stall actually thought he was a girl for a second for some reason (he was obviously a boy!). at first he cried for a brief second, then he wouldn’t cry. jerry cut the cord during my few seconds of holding him to myself, then they took him for oxygen. i was very upset to be separated from him, and also worried about him. jerry stayed in between me and jamin, while my mom and amanda took pics/videoed.

jamin zachariah was 6lbs 12oz, 20 3/4in with a 12in head. his apgars were 8&9. i am still amazed that i did it without pitocin (hooray!) and an epidural (yippee!). our son is absolutely GORGEOUS and the sweetest little munchkin angel!

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Jamin Zachariah
Jamin and Mama Jamin and Mama Jamin and Mama


dear jamin,

i do not ever want you to doubt your mama and papa’s love for you. there were times that we thought you were a girl, and for moments were sad that you weren’t. but you are more precious and more wonderful than ten-thousand girls could ever be! we are so thankful that you are our precious little son! you are amazing and perfect, and just who God planned for our family! you couldn’t be more loved by your parents, big brothers, grandparents and aunt and uncles. welcome to our world, sweet boy! you are such a blessing to us!!

-love mama

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  1. Wow, Jerry barely made it! I think I would have been crying for Joe to be there!!!

    Awesome birth story! Very dramatic!

    Welcome Jamin!!!

  2. OMGoodness, that was WAY too close! Glad Daddy made it in time 🙂

    CONGRATS, I can’t wait to watch him grow via your blog…they are such a blessing indeed!!

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