i did it with jeremiah, i did it with josiah, so of course i have to do it this time around! please do me the honor of guessing! 🙂 it will be locked after the ultrasound (april 5), so you have a little while yet. 😛

sorry i haven’t posted in so long. i am feeling ok, but josiah hasn’t been feeling well. 🙁 he has another ear infection (so the dr says) and has been vomiting since yesterday morning. poor guy! and he really wants mama when he doesn’t feel good.

i honestly haven’t known what to post. i have days that i just want to cry for hours and hours, days that i feel perfectly normal, and days that i feel i’ll go insane cuz i can’t get out to get what i want to eat. i feel like the typical crazy pregnant woman. i’m at 147 (still i guess??) but my belly looks humongous. i really wonder if there are two in there. (i can dream.) i can’t sleep well – no position feels good – already! i’m only nearing 18 weeks!!! for one thing, i need a new pillow. my neck and head are killing me every morning.

anyway thanks for checking up on me, even when i don’t post!!!

God bless!

2 thoughts on “Expectnet!

  1. Wow. You really guessed early on the date… Why 24 days early????

  2. hey jenn, when you get a chance come read my journal. i’m so upset!!! :*(

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