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Double Prayers


an online friend dana’s son had a pool accident. PLEASE pray.

jerry again:

jerry was feeling a little “off” yesterday; not his heart, but a major headache – he said it must have been a migraine; so he tried to take it easy…he ended up calling off from fed-ex.
this morning he woke up with his heart off-rhythm. he took his meds (which we just picked up last night, after nearly a month of not taking it – please don’t get me started) and is starting to feel better.
please pray he stays normal, and please pray we can both consistently remember his meds. we cannot afford another hospital visit. we still owe 1000 for the last stay.

(background, for those who don’t know: jerry has atrial fibrillation. it means his heart beats out of rhythm. he is supposed to take meds to keep it in check, but is very forgetful about it. i’m supposed to remind him, but i’m equally forgetful…he also has had episodes even when taking it consistently, so there are no guarantees. )

2 thoughts on “Double Prayers”

  1. TinaJewel

    I set my thyroid medicine bottle right beside my deodorant…that way I remember to take my pill when I put on my deodorant before getting dressed everyday.
    Could you do something similar?
    Irregular heartbeats are not fun! I had them when on a birth control!

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