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Special Sunday

Go out to eat, order take-out or delivery, get fast food, or eat the meal you threw in the crock pot before church.

Mexican Monday

Foods with a Mexican flair. Make every Monday a fiesta!

Italian Tuesday

Foods with an Italian theme. Some might not be authentic, but this Mama-Mia says give it a chance. 😉

Whatever Wednesday

Whatever sounds good, whatever you feel like making, whatever you have on hand, whatever the kids want, just…whatever!

International Thursday

Discover tastes from around the world. This first month’s plan covers Asian, French, Greek, Thai, & Indian cuisines.

Funday Friday

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any theme-ier! Mix and match fun favorites or try something new.

Simple Saturday

Make Saturday even simpler by having the same thing each week. It’s simple since you ALWAYS know what you’re having, so you ALWAYS make sure to have the necessary ingredients.

Get a printable copy of the whole menu!

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