Cute Quote of the Day

jeremiah, in his perfect english accent “mother bear?”

me “yes, baby bear?”

“i’d like to call you jenn.”

“sorry baby bear, it’s rude for kids to call their parents by their first names.”

“mother bear?”

“yes, baby bear?”

“what can i call you?”

“mother, mom, mommy, mama, moms, mommers….”

josiah pipes up “mommers!”

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  1. scrapwithnikki

    So cute! You are really getting closer to your due date! I can’t believe mine is already 4 mos, time goes by way too fast! Have a great weekend!

  2. erhansen

    FUNNY!!!!! Okay… my birthday is the day after Jamin is expected… and I would just like to say that it would be a wonderful honor to share a birthday with one of your children. But if it doesn’t work out that way, I understand. Have you been feeling okay? Here’s to hoping you never have to deal with hyperemesis again!

  3. Julie

    Mommers huh? *lol* Very amusing!

  4. nikki

    Kids can be so amusing, can’t they? lol..

  5. Jessica

    Oh goodness – that’s cute. 🙂

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