Changing Things

i will be changing the layout again when time permits. i hear it’s not looking right for some people (and some people are deeply disturbed by it LOL!) and i don’t want that. it was a tricky layout i shouldn’t have altered. :/

there are changes going on over here too. we gave kc to my brother. nothing big happened – we had been wanting to give him to him for a few years now. but josh finally has his own home, with a fence, so now is the time. kc has always loved uncle josh so it’s no biggie. we didn’t feel kc was getting the attention he deserved and needed and he also has had a few too many close calls with the kids and nipping, plus we were growing tired of the neighbors getting annoyed with us over his barking. small dogs bark, i guess, and it’s something we’re supposed to deal with.

today ushered another new change: we have a new member of the family! we haven’t named her yet (you can help with that maybe!) but she is an ADORABLE little black and white kitten. my mom brought her over today, to help with the mice and to be a new little friend.
jeremiah was trying to chase her around and he climbed under a chair to follow her…when he got up, the chair flipped over and landed on her paw. Sad
she was limping and really nursing her paw.
so she is now sleeping (has been trying to sleep since it happened earlier) and i noticed her paw is swollen!!!!
what should i do?
we cannot afford to take her to the vet to get it checked out. we were wondering where the money would come from for just shots, worms, etc etc, and now this.
is there a kitty pain-killer? anything i can do besides keeping the boys away from her and letting her be alone?
any advice would be great!

the trip to see jerry’s family was great. everyone adored the boys. jeremiah was his usual takes a long time to warm up self, and never really got exceptionally close to anyone. he really really loved his uncle bill and his aunt gin tho. josiah was his usual friend to all self – he went from lap to lap of whoever wanted to hold him. 🙂 they all just loved them. i’m afraid i didn’t get many pics taken. 🙁 i kept thinking, oh i’ll have plenty of time to take some more pics…um yeah, never happened. i got a few, but nothing incredibly memorable. 🙁 but i’m so glad we went!!

please pray for me. i am a hormonal mess. some days it’s better than others, but i feel like i’m constantly on a pms train, and i never know when i’ll be getting on or off!!! i have yet to start my cycle again (still nursing strong) and don’t know when i will. it’s very upsetting to feel this way. SIGH.

well here she is: help me name her!!!


11 thoughts on “Changing Things

  1. How about Grace or Gracie?

  2. I choose Tuxie (Tuck-see), since SHE IS a tuxedo cat. I have two tuxedo cats with really calm personalities.

    You can always go with Cutie McCuterson. Since she is a darling…

    Or something like Sasha, Molly or Muppet.

  3. When I first saw her, I thought she looked like a Belle or Bella. But thats just me. =)

  4. Actually, Belle’s a pretty cute name.

    She’s an adorable kitty! If she had a white nose area, she would look just like Cuddles! 😀

    For me it’s hard to think of a name for a kitty, without seeing the kitty in person. I like to watch the cat’s personality for a few days, to find a name that fits.

  5. Mark used to be a veterinary assistant, so I asked him about kitty’s paw. He said that most likely the vet will not want to set an kitten’s paw even if it’s broken, because she’s still growing. There’s also not much you can do for the pain, but keep an eye on it for a couple of days. If it’s still swollen and hurting you’ll have to go to the vet like it or not. If there’s vein damage the paw may have to be removed. Otherwise she’ll need anti-inflammatory medicine. But if she seems to be fine tomorrow or the day after, don’t worry about it, she’ll be ok.

  6. Oh, PS, I meant to say that vein damage or needing anti-inflammatories is not likely. That’s only IF she’s still in pain in a couple of days.

  7. I am surprised you got rid of KC and then got a cat. Aren’t cats more dangerous to children than dogs?
    I could never get rid of Oscar. How about the name Oscar for your cat? Oh right, she’s a girl cat. But, our dog Oscar is a girl dog! 🙂


  8. Hey Jenn..
    Glad the visit went well..
    I am sure KC will love his new home..
    What an adorable little kitty.. I love cats… and our one cat grew up with Em (we got her as a kitten when em was 1.. they’re a riot together.. play together constantly) I think it’s cool you got them a kitty..
    Names… the only thing that comes to mind since she has white paws.. would be socks or boots.. but not too fitting for a little girl kitty.. how about whiskers? Our kids loved tigger when we got cat number one and couldn’t say it correctly so we have a kitty named digger.. and one named patches. I always thought of naming a kitty sasha too.. not sure
    I can’t help with the foot.. but the over the counter de-wormers work well.. and I know around here they have free clinics for the shots.. you might have to wait in a line.. but it would be free. Your local shelters.. vet or county might be able to provide you with information about that.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon… did you get my email in reply to your question?

  9. hey jenn 🙂 yea josiah’s picture is literally cut right down the middle (horizontally), and the top is halfway over the first post. hmm i wonder why. i hope you get time to fix it! yes, i am DEEPLY DISTURBED by this! haha just kidding 🙂 take care mama!

  10. She’s so cute! I love the name you picked for her. 🙂 Hope kitty’s paw is ok now.

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