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(2) Josiah

Dear Josiah: Scaring Mama is NOT Nice

dear josiah,
sunday morning at about 7 o’clock i awoke with a start. i jumped out of bed and instantly looked into your bassinette. you were in your normal tummy-ache position – with your back arched and head back. two problems; your face was pushed right up to the top of the bassinette and you were not breathing. i shook your belly quickly as i pulled your body down. you breathed in quickly then smiled up at me. one of the scariest moments of my life. i know it was the Lord who woke me.
needless to say, you are now in the crib. papa took it apart yesterday and put it in our room. it will take you a little getting used to, but what’s more important – your safety or my convenience? you know the answer to that one!!!
i love you so much, sweet chubby little man!!!
mama and you have been having nursing troubles, so i’ve decided to use formula as your main food, then supplement with nursing and also throw in two cereals a day. starting THIS week, since you’re turning five months on thursday (how does time go by so fast, little one?!) you’ll be starting veggies! yay!! what a BIG BOY!!! you are getting chubbier and chubbier lately which has earned you the nickname “chunky monkey” by your mama. i love you and your bubby so much, little boy. i don’t know what i would do without you. i am so very, very blessed.
your mama