Candy-free Ideas for Easter Baskets

Candy-free Ideas for Easter Baskets

Do you make up an Easter basket for your children? We do some years, but not always. Our boys do not expect them from us, though Gramma is pretty consistent. 😉 We do not do the Easter bunny. Our boys know the real meaning behind Resurrection Sunday. Baskets are just for fun, to show we love our kids and think they’re special. 🙂 For this page, I’m sharing candy-free items that can be tucked into an Easter basket nicely. Most won’t break the bank, though a few items are more more on the pricey side.

For any child:

Something crafty:
chalk, sidewalk chalks, or chalk marker pens, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens, paint, colored paper, a fun eraserclay, play dough, Kinetic Sandstickers

Something to play with:
Spring is the perfect time for a new a kitea slinkysome Wikki Stixa puzzlepuppetsa bouncy ballyo-yo, a stuffy: giraffe, penguinthese adorable Scentsy stuffed animals, a real pet (I know, I know. My guys want a puppy for Easter. Not gonna happen.)

Something useful:
books about Easter 1, 2, 3, 4a new Biblea Bible study or devotionalgorgeous Bible bookmarks, a journal, a special cup, a special bowl, anything personalizeda magnifying glass, a small gift card to somewhere special (amazon, favorite restaurant, etc)

Something to wear:
a cute shirt, lip balm, a hat: boy, girla watchfun socks

For Boys:

LEGO Minifig or LEGO mini set
Hot Wheels or Matchbox
a super silly stuffy
GI Joes/Action figures/Super hero figures
a tree seedling to plant
vegetable and fruit seeds to plant
My oldest son had the amazing idea to use a dress-up helmet as a basket, with wire for the handle. Inside you could put army dress-up gear. You could use other themes as well, like a safari hat with safari accessories (binoculars), cowboy hat with cowboy accessories, etc.

For Girls:

a necklace, a necklace with a purpose,
a ring
a bracelet
hair pretties, like those from Lilla Rose would be a useful and lovely option
a hairbow/headband set
non-toxic nail polish or Jamberry nails
natural lip gloss
flower seeds to plant! – lilies or tulips are perfect for Easter

Think outside the box basket

Don’t be afraid to try something new! There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the ordinary basket and using something useful for your child. A bucket or bin that he will use to store toys, a cloth bag or purse that she’ll use later. And find things your kids love and put them together for a sweet themed surprise.

Hope this gave you some unique ideas!

What did I miss? If you have some other ideas, please let us know in the comments. 🙂

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