Blog Keeper Meme 4.2.08

for lack of a better title…that’s it unless someone else comes up with something better. 🙂 i plan to do this each week. some of them i am using from the old swonderings list (from wah), and others i’m coming up with, or people are suggesting them. feel free to use it and give me new ones.
List ten of life’s simple pleasures.

ETA: these are in no particular order for me. 😉

1) nursing a baby

2) hugging my children

3) kissing my husband

4) watching the sun set

5) listening to a singing bird

6) singing praises to God

7) getting a phone call from a loved one

8) getting a hand-written letter in the mail

9) hearing “i love you, mama”

10) sleeping

2 thoughts on “Blog Keeper Meme 4.2.08

  1. “hearing ‘I love you Mama’ ” would be #1 for me 🙂

  2. Hi, Jen. Sorry I haven’t been by lately…we were having some computer issues.

    You’re new haircut looks great! It’s always nice to feel nice again isn’t it? I got my hair cut about a year ago. It was to my waist and looked so nice but I was always too tired to do anything with it. So I decided to wack it in hopes that I would have more energy when it grew back in. It did feel nice to be able to comb my hair at least! lol.

    God bless!

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