Jeremiah prayed with me tonight. I was holding him and rocking him, and he put his hand on my belly and prayed, “Dear Lord, Please be with Mama’s baby. Please don’t let it die and don’t let it get hurt in her belly. And please let it be borned ok. Amen.”

I don’t know when this will be posted, since I am going to be MUCH more cautious about telling people this time around. I’m assuming another miscarriage would not so closely follow one, but I really didn’t feel like double blows would be fun to share with everyone! But anyway, this was written on Jan. 30. I found out today. My friend Kelly came over with a dollar store test, just to see. You see, on Monday at choir practice, I was sure I was starting my period. I had wiped in the bathroom (just after discussing buying pregnancy tests earlier on the way to practice) and found very light pink blood. One little bit, in that one wipe. So I assumed great, it’s coming. Tuesday it didn’t come. Wednesday it didn’t come. Thursday it didn’t come and I ordered some of those cheap testing strips online. So today (Friday) when Kelly called telling me she’d picked up some dollar tests, and asked if I wanted one, I said sure! Why not, right? It had the FAINTEST line. But it was a line.

So there you have it. So far Kelly knows, Mom knows and Amanda knows…Oh and the boys know, because I had to explain why I’m so tired and grumpy (now that I know). I am trying to think of a fun way to surprise Jerry, but by the time you see this, that will already have happened and I’ll have to add that to my story. 😛


PLEASE pray for Baby Bless (this is the nickname that came to me). So far things seem normal, so that’s good…I’m telling as little people as possible this time around, just to be safe. I haven’t officially blogged about it yet.

(I’ve got a secret)

(I’m gonna be a BIG brother again!)


Telling Jerry (try not to be as disappointed as I was!):

5 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Congratulations! … I wish I would have thought to catch Joe’s reaction on video tape… He never got overly excited though either. He just always hugged me and said congratulations… Well, except for with Jared, because he was just plain SHOCKED that we were actually pregnant. *lol*

    Jeremiah looks upset… Makes me want to give him a hug!

    BTW, I love the name… Baby bless!

  2. Awwww, Jeremiah, I want to give you a hug too, sweet boy. It was lovely to think of the baby, to pray for it to be ok. And you had a very cute way to share the news with daddy. Sometimes daddies feel overwhelmed and don’t show their feelings very well. Sometimes they worry that things may not go well again, so they don’t want to get too close to the situation, for fear of experiencing sorrow if things don’t go well. Sometimes daddies are just in a BAD mood! 🙂
    (Jenn, take care of yourself.. don’t sweat the small stuff. Try to focus on days moment by moment, and enjoy the blessings surrounding you!)
    Love ya girl!

  3. Congratulations, Jenn!!!!!

  4. Has he issued an apology yet?
    Congratulations and hugs. Praying.

  5. Jenn, congratulations! I am sure that Jerry is just being guarded. One of my friends suffered a miscarriage and when they found out they were pregnant again her hubby didn’t show ANY excitment until the baby was born. I think the loss was harder on him than he could express so when the good news came about the next baby, he was very guarded! Hugs and take care of yourself and your little BB!

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