Before I Forget…

Before I Forget…

this morning:

1) i hear josiah laugh and let out a loud, high-pitched (happy) scream. jeremiah says, loud as possible, “NO SCREAMING! YOU KNOW THAT’S TOO LOUD!” i hear the scream again, “I SAID NO SCREAMING, JOE! YOU KNOW BETTER!”

2) i had told them to sing to each other this morning, because they’d awoken a little too early for my taste. there is a theme song from a show called “kipper” that jeremiah and i made a version for snoopy. “his name is snoopy, snoopy the dog, the dog who goes po@py, that’s snoopy, snoopy the dog….” yeah, i know, but i’m a mom of boys, ok? sue me! anyway, this morning i hear “his name is kipper, kipper the dog, the dog who goes po@py, that’s kipper, kipper the dog…” then in his loudest, vibrato voice “he goes POOOOOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” i could almost see him bowing. oh how i wish monitors came with a recording device.

3 thoughts on “Before I Forget…

  1. LOL that is cute. i like kipper 🙂 the theme song is kinda relaxing, i think. not jer’s version though LOLOL!

  2. LOL. I have such a hard time getting control of myself when kids do stuff like that.

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