Lately I have seen so many posts about the undercover Planned Parenthood video. It is so disgusting and so terrible that it is truly beyond words but, unfortunately, not shocking. Not shocking at all in today’s America. The idea of bargaining over the sale of specific body parts, from aborted babies, over dinner, is nearly unthinkable…but it gets worse. If the buyer wanted a liver, the person performing the abortion can use an ultrasound to assure proper placement of the forceps so that the desired organ isn’t damaged. Think about that for a second. Get that picture in your mind. This is really happening!

These people have become so blinded by the darkness of this evil world that they can actually sit down, eat and drink while discussing these matters and not even cringe. They are completely desensitized to the cruel and torturous acts they are conversing about. It’s just business. Nothing personal.

I suppose I could write endless pages on how angry this makes me. I could ramble on about the need for taking legal action and how to stop these people from doing more harm.

But I’m not going to.

Instead, I seek a much simpler call to action.

I’m asking you to pray for Planned Parenthood.

I’m asking you to pray for the doctors and nurses that perform these procedures. Pray that their hearts will be softened to receive God’s Word and that their eyes may be opened to the absolute evil that is done by their hands. Pray that they will see abortion for what it is. Murder.

I’m not asking you to hate them. I’m not calling you to a picket line. I’m begging you to join me on our knees, in prayer. I’m asking you to not allow yourself to see the abortionists as our enemies. Our enemy is not with flesh and blood but the spiritual forces of darkness. These people are blinded by the darkness. It is our job to shine the light. We need to love them. They know not what they do.

We also need to pray for Christians everywhere to realize that we will not bring an end to abortion by passing legislation.

The answer to evil is good. The response to hate is love. Christ bore the cross and took the nails because He loved the World. And in the midst of the abortion issue stands our own cross to bear; a call to to love those that commit such deplorable acts.

I’m not talking about lip service. I mean real honest to goodness sacrificial love. Love that hurts. Love that gives. Love that accepts. Love that…loves.

We need to show the women and girls receiving these abortions that there is another alternative. Guilting and shaming them will do nothing stop these killings. You cannot heap condemnation upon these women and call it love. We need to not just speak love but show them love. We need to let them know that God loves them, He is FOR THEM and that He will provide a way.

We need to pray for these women.

We need to ask God to reveal His grace, mercy and love in such a way that it melts away any fear that stands in the way of them from trusting in His will. We need to pray that God will move us into the lives of these women and that He might give us a message of hope and purpose for them. And we need to pray that we can be a source of encouragement, a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand to depend on.

We cannot simply hope for the courts to side on behalf the unborn. And even if they do, that only deals with half the problem.

What about the mothers? What about their struggle, their pain? You must know that even if laws were changed, the courts can only do so much!

On the other hand, we are the Body of Christ. It is our job to be source of light, shining in the darkness. We need to assume our roles and stop looking to the government for solutions! The Church needs to be the solution.

I don’t even know what my role is yet, but I know that God desires more than words on a page. Anyone can write an article. Anyone can preach a sermon. But to live it…

That is where the rubber meets the spiritual road.

I ask you to join me in praying everyday for God to open our eyes to our purpose in His Kingdom. Let’s make a commitment to look for ways to extend the hands of Christ to a world that so desperately needs Him. Pray for God to open our eyes to opportunities for service and the strength and courage to step out in faith.

There comes a time in which we all must get our hands dirty for the Kingdom of God.

“Lord, help us find our place and the courage to move there. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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  1. Yes! This is where change happens, through prayer, and loving these people. I remember reading a great book, called Unplanned. It was the story of a woman who worked for Planned Parenthood, and how she came to eventually understand how wrong it was. She really did start out thinking that she was helping women. What changed her mind, was not the picketers who yelled at her, it was a group of people who prayed for her and loved her. It was an amazing story.

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