Back to School with…Zulily!

Back to School with…Zulily!

I am going to be doing a little series of posts about back to school deals and sales. What?! Just because I homeschool doesn’t mean I don’t love back to school sales! I’m a gal who loves ANY kind of sales! Today’s Fashion Friday meets Frugal Friday is featuring KID’s clothing. Kids can be stylin’ while saving too, can’t they?

The first in our series is featuring zulily. I know you’ve heard of zulily before, because they are awesome! All huge brand names for majorly discounted prices. Every day there’s something new to find, so it’s like a neat surprise each day.

For back to school deals, zulily is featuring tons of fun, cool clothes and products by top name designers and manufacturers.

According to zulily, five of the top trends for the new school year include:

  • Northern Exposure

– From faux fur capelets and moccasins for girls to hoodies for boys emblazoned with bold animal faces; wild looks are big for back to school.


  • Galaxy

– Starscapes, planets and are other galaxy themed prints make their way onto clothing and accessories alike for fall. Sublimation is really big and it shows.

  • 90’s Flashback

– They say if you’ve lived through a trend once not to wear it a second time around, which is why today’s school kids are the only ones cute enough to pull off 90’s inspired looks, including acid washed jeans with bold bright 90’s prints along with Harem pants – Can’t touch this.


  • Camo Cool

– From backpacks and binders to shoes and jackets, expect to see camouflage prints in a wide variety of colors in school hallways this fall.

  • London Calling

– Trench Coats and hooded jackets paired with textured wool and corduroy will keep kids on this side of the pond warm when fall’s crisp temperatures return.

Which one will your kids be sporting? Of the trends above, my boys will probably gravitate toward Galaxy and Camo Cool.

How about you? What style do you see your child wearing this fall?

See you next time!

God bless,


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