Back home. . . again!

Third child and nothing has changed. We went in to the hospital because Jenn’s contractions were less than 5 minutes apart, some much stronger than others. Just like with Josiah and Jeremiah we were sent home. The nurse told Jenn that she was still 2 1/2 to 3 cm dilated and only 50% effaced, contrary to the doctor’s statement, at an earlier appointment, that she was 90% effaced. Even though Jenn’s contractions grew more intense while we were at the hospital, there was no change in her cervix so the doctor decided to have us sent back home. Induction via pitocin wasn’t an option since she is, technically only 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and there is a chance that the Jamin’s lungs haven’t fully developed yet. The nurse said that no doctor in the country would induce after 37 1/2 weeks without a sound medical reason.  For the safety of the baby and insurance reasons, it just wasn’t possible. Which is frustrating because both Jeremiah and Josiah started out the same way. There were frequent moderate contractions that developed into stronger intense contractions with both pregnancies. But also with both, Jenn’s cervix wasn’t progressing naturally on it’s own. She was sent home both times only to be back and be induced. We are worried that the intensity of the contractions will follow the same pattern as the previous two pregnancies and steadily get worse without changing the cervix. Especially since inducing was ruled out (for the time being).

Please pray for us. Jenn is really frustrated and discouraged right now and she says she feels “stupid” because we got sent home again. The best thing would be for the birth to hold off for few days giving Jamin’s lungs time to fully develope. If that is God’s will, pray that Jenn’s contractions will not be too intense in the time being. If Jamin should come early, pray for his health and safety. And finally, pray for Jenn to have peace and patience to know that this will all be done in God’s time not ours. Thanks for reading my babblings and thank you for your prayers.

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I'm the husband to my wonderful wife of 21 years, Jenn, and father to four amazing boys, 15, 14, 12, and 10. I have been blessed with the same two jobs for nearly 15 years that allow my wife to stay home and homeschool our children. Some of my favorite things to do include studying the Bible, spending time with my family, watching movies and shows on Netflix with the fam, watching football on TV, and checking out baseball stats online. Getting saved is the most important event of my life. Being a faithful husband and sharing Christ with others are my highest callings. It is my utmost desire for all to learn the truth of God's love.

8 thoughts on “Back home. . . again!

  1. *sigh*

    I remember this from the boys too… I’m sorry Jenn!!! But soon…. You’re almost 38 weeks…

  2. I’m sure his lungs would be fine by now. Mackenzie was born at 37 1/2 weeks and no problems whatsoever. My SIL had all of her 4 children at 36-37 weeks and they all had no problems either. Their lungs were all fully developed. Dave’s other SIL had her 4th at 37 weeks and he had no problems either. I hope that things start to develop more for Jenn and I wouldn’t be worried at all about his lung development at this point. I’ll be praying for you!

  3. My bad, I meant my other SIL, Dave’s sis. His SIL would be my sister! Oops!

  4. Prodromal labor is no fun. ((hugs)) Praying Jenn get’s a little rest and that baby arrives when he is healthiest. 37 weeks is still early, hang in there.

  5. *sigh* I remember feeling the same way when I was SOOO ready for Ava to be here. He WILL come 🙂 I know it feels like he never will right now, and I am sorry for that! Keep your spirits high & try to rest as much as you can through this stage. I am praying for ya sweetie

  6. BTDT with oh, 5 kids now. (#4 was a fluke LOL) As one whose BTDT both with and without the pit…try to hang in there. It’s so much easier without pit.

    Are you walking around? How about hanging out on your hands/knees? My contractions do *nothing* to my cervix unless I am standing/kneeling upright/slightly forward. (My pit births were ones where I sat around contracting.)

  7. I hope for your sake baby boy arrives soon. I’ll say a prayer for you and the baby. I was in false labor with my first a week before he was born, I know pressing my back against the wall and sometimes sliding it down helped quite a bit at home, just thought I would mention that in case you haven’t tried it. Hugs

  8. I keep coming by to check on you… I hope you’re OK… Maybe you could have Jerry give us an update on how you are????

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