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jeremiah just did his guess for the baby pool! i asked him what numbers he wanted for the weight, i let him choose between 19,20&21inches, i pulled up an august calendar for the date, and we looked at a clock for the time. i think he picked pretty well!

i told him afterwards that if he wins, if the answers were right, he will get the prize. he said, “they’re right – i winned!” LOL i told him that we won’t know who won until the baby is born.

how cute is he?

3 thoughts on “Aww”

  1. cute! He is just getting to be such a big boy!

    I have pictures up under a private post, let me know if you can’t log in (or if you log in and the post doesn’t show up)

  2. Okay, that kid is adorable! 🙂 Jenn, I can’t believe blessing #3 will be here in just months! You’re half way, mama 🙂

    Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by 🙂

    Prayers being said for Jerry … best wishes!

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