Announcing the Winner!

using a generator called “the hat”, which scrambles the names up, we found the winner: it’s my dear friend QuietKeeper – Katrina!! i’m so happy for you, katrina!! i will be emailing you right away so you can let me know what gift you’d like.

thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest! it meant a lot to me. i was (and am) really disappointed in the turn-out. but hopefully people will still find a way to trickle in to the store. unfortunately, this tuesday is the last day i can take orders for Christmas for tangible gifts. (i can take orders at any time, but i do not guarantee it being to your house for Christmas!) i can still do photo card designs indefinitely – because anyone can always use a one-hour photo place.

anyway, once again, congrats to katrina, and thanks to everyone! hopefully if we have another contest in the future, it will be more of a contest.

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