Instead of letting Free E-books get so long the page takes an hour to load, I thought I would make a separate page for books that seem to be free all the time. If you notice one is no longer free, please let me know, because I won’t be checking this as often as I do the Friday Freebies.

So, why would anyone offer a book for free all the time? Usually, authors want to introduce their work to new readers. What better way than by a free first book or novella in a series?!

I attempt to assure that all books are Christian, or at the very least, clean. If you find something that doesn’t seem to fit, PLEASE let me know.

You don’t need a Kindle–the Kindle App is ALWAYS free!

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All books are free at the time of posting.

Be sure to check Freebies for new books!

Make sure to check that the book is still free before purchasing!


The authors of the following books have promised these books will remain free!

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