Affiliates A to Z!

Affiliates A to Z

This is the master list of our affiliate and referral partners, in alphabetical order.

FTC Disclosure: Clicking the links and buying something from any of these sites will give us a slight commission (monetary). Nothing will change on your end - the prices will be the same, the sites will look the same. Buying from sites that you would already is a very simple way to support our family and the Busy Being Blessed Community. I honestly can’t get it out of my head that if every one of my friends bought just one item for a dollar from one of my affiliates, we would be able to pay a portion of our house payment with the commission!
Each of these affiliates has been chosen and approved by Jenn of BBB. If you find anything questionable, please contact me ASAP. While certain tastes are subjective, we strive for excellence and purity, even in our online dealings. I promise your suggestions will be examined. I will cut ties with any company that I don’t feel meets our standards. 🙂
God bless, and thanks SO much for visiting! Feel free to share this page with your friends. We appreciate your support.

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