Affiliate Spotlight: TeeFury; cute Doctor Who/Frozen shirt!

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If you don’t know that I’m a Whovian (aka Doctor Who fan), let me just tell you…I am! Doctor Who is a show that you just get or you don’t. Many people don’t understand it, call it too cheesy, too strange. Once I started watching it, first with Chris Eccleson, I was hooked. When David Tennant came on board, I was disappointed for half a second. 🙂 Half a second later, he was my favorite, and he remains my favorite Doctor.
I also love Frozen, as the boys will tell you. I’ve been working on a parody song for “Let it Go” all winter. I can’t get some of the lyrics just right, but I’m dying to share it with everyone. I think by the time I’m done, it won’t be relevant at all. Oh well! Anyway, one of our favorite songs is “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” It’s so cute, and so full of innocence at first, then filled with such sadness.
So when I saw this shirt in my email box this morning, I was really excited to share it with you! 🙂

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