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Affiliate Spotlight: Find all your PEANUTS favorites at The Snoopy Store!

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We are a family of PEANUTS fans. My husband has loved and collected PEANUTS memorabilia since childhood. I never really collected anything, but always liked Charlie Brown and Snoopy and had a healthy distaste of Lucy (what a bully!).

My oldest son, JT, has taken his father’s love over, as well as his collection. He gets new Snoopy and Charlie Brown items for birthdays and holidays. He has read all of his dad’s old PEANUTS books, and reads the comics every Sunday. Some of the comic scenes can be repeated word for word by him. Whenever we go to the library, he picks up one or two huge PEANUTS collections and reads through one in a couple hours. When we get a new dog, he wants it to be at least part beagle. JT has even discussed having his own section on our family website for PEANUTS trivia. 🙂 He loves PEANUTS that much!

Here’s some random PEANUTS trivia he wanted me to share with you today:

What does Freida pride herself on being? A conversationalist. And guess what her favorite thing to talk about is? Her naturally curly hair!

Here he is, nestled among SOME of his PEANUTS things.


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Hey, did you know that Charlie Brown rocked chevron before it was “in?” Just another reason PEANUTS is great! So how about you? PEANUTS fan, not a fan, or just indifferent? Leave me a comment to let me know.

This is Mama Jenn signing off! God bless!

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