Affiliate Spotlight: The Conference for Moms

Affiliate Spotlight: The Conference for Moms

I was so excited when I found this today!

The Mom Conference starts April 7. There will be 3-5 different video hosts per day. The videos cover everything from frugality, family and fashion to sugar detox and healthy meal planning, and everything in between!

I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you’ll sign up as well! It can’t hurt, right?! Sign up for The Mom Conference.

Here’s everyone who will be there, with their site and what topic they’re covering:
Amy McCready
Get Kids to Cooperate Without Yelling or Nagging

Lisa Leake
Tips for Packing School Lunch and Removing Processed Food

Stephanie Brandt Cornais
Crock-Pot Freezer Meals: The Easiest Way to Get Dinner on the Table

Susan Peterson
Start a Business with a Little Hustle and a Lot of Guts

Heather Anderson
A Make-up Routine for Date Night or Other Fun Occasions

Camille Beckstrand
Family Night and Family Traditions: The Glue to Keep a Family Close

Jordan Page
Get Financially Fit: Getting Out of Debt

Jenny Layton
Get and Stay Organized: A Fail-proof System

Tricia Callahan
Knock Out a Month’s Worth of Dinners in One Day

Nicolas Come
How to Conquer Picky Eaters, from a 9-Year Old’s Perspective

Holly Rigsby
Rock Your Skinny Jeans

Katie of WellnessMama
5 Practical Natural Remedies for Moms

Nicole Carpenter
Define Your Time

Dino & Shannon Watt
Systems of a Healthy Marriage: Top 3 Successful Marriage Tips

Natalie Monson & Amy Roskelley
Involving Your Kids in the Kitchen

April Perry
Helping Busy Moms Keep Their Focus

Hannah Brencher
Feel Connected in a Disconnected World

Ashley Mills
Decluttering & Design

Abby Smith
5 Quick Hair Styles That Can be Done in Under 10 Minutes

Toni Roberts
The Perfect Party Decorations That Are Easy & Inexpensive

Diane Sanfilippo
21-day Sugar Detox

Robyn Openshaw
All About Detox: Why Do It & What to Expect

Rich Christiansen
How to Set Family Goals and Raise Rock Star Kids

Matthew Sanders
The Three Most Important Things Remember To Raising Happy Kids/Teenagers

Jill Nystul

Doctor Rach
Raising Healthy Kids: No Sugar Mondays

Carrie Vitt
How I Overcame My Auto Immune Disease Through Diet

Chris Kresser
Superfoods for Fertility & Pregnancy

Reed Davis
Restore Your Hormone Health – Get to the Root Cause

Nancy Singleton
17 Steps to Success: The Power of Our Thoughts and… How it Rubs Off on Our Kids

Bridgit Danner
Natural Solutions for Hormone Health and Fertility

Jen Grothe
How She Lost 60 Pounds and Kept it Off (And How YOU Can Do the Same!)

Jadah Sellner & Jen Hansard
How Green Smoothies Rocked Our World: Amazing Taste Kids Love

Liz Edmunds
Saving Family Dinner: Meal Planning Tips and Tricks

Tiffany Peterson
Self Care: Why Every Mom Needs It

Alicia Richmond
4 Steps to a Functional and Flattering Wardrobe

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