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What’s this site all about?

Busy Being Blessed is a Christian family lifestyle blog & community.
We cover a variety of topics that anyone can glean from, but our focus readers are Christian families. We desire to encourage, inspire, challenge and entertain families while spurring each other to growth in God. If that sounds like something you’d like, we’re so thrilled you’re here. We don’t just want you to be our reader – we want you to be a part of our community!

Our highest prayerful desire is that you can find something that will lead you closer to the Lord.
Other goals are:

  • to shine Christ’s love so that everyone who comes will leave at least knowing about Jesus
  • to remind you that life is not perfect, even if you’re a believer, but if God is for us, who can be against us?
  • to challenge and encourage men to be the godly leaders of their homes; the husbands their wives long for and the fathers their children need
  • to encourage and challenge women to be the godly keepers of their homes; the wives their husbands desire and the mothers their children need

We are thankful to the Lord for the life we have, and the blessings He’s given, but we also admit that as believers we fail daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute. If you’re a perfect person, this might not be the blog for you. We are not perfect people; we will never be perfect until we are in Heaven. We have struggles, just like everyone else, and we talk about them. We want you to know that you are not alone! Whatever you’re going through, chances are, we have probably been through it, too.

We are Christ-centered & spiritually-focused: Faith is one of our categories, but it’s also ever-present in our website. Everything we do (and we mean EVERYTHING) has spiritual ramifications, whether life-building or destructive. We try to back everything up with Bible verses that are relevant to today’s Christian. Loving others,  If you’re a Christian, we hope you’ll be blessed, challenged and inspired here.

We are family-minded: Our family is our ministry, and we want to help you minister to your family as well. The family category is far-reaching. We’ll not only post about parenting boys, in all its adventures, victories and failures, but homemaking as well. Jenn is a homemaking flop (seriously, I am), and wants to help you learn as she learns! Challenges will focus on housekeeping, meal-planning and other homemaking goals. Other topics may include pregnancy, infertility, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

We desire healthy, fulfilled lives: Our bodies are the Lord’s, not ours, so neglecting them is not an option. We are a gluten-free family, so we promote a gluten-free lifestyle, but promise we won’t shove it down your throats. We will include first-hand experiences, challenges and recipes: gluten-free, health, paleo, sugar-free or low-sugar. We believe in creativity and doing everything unto the Lord. Other topics: Hyperemesis during pregnancy, Depression, atrial fibrillation, and Type 1 Diabetes, art, music, books, entertainment, and pretty much anything dealing with life in general.

Who writes here?

We are Jenn and Jerry, a wife and husband team. Both of us have had many blogs and sites throughout the years. In the past, Jenn’s blogs have been a web journal where she’d chat, rant, and babble. But she now wants her words to be an inspiration to others, to help point families to the Lord. This new and improved Busy Being Blessed is not all about her anymore! She began to welcome guest posts from friends, with wisdom she couldn’t offer you. After a long time of Jenn asking, and both of us praying about it, Jerry has decided to come along for the adventure. He is also a former site-addict (we’ve seriously lost count of how many we’ve had), and has taken posts from his personal blogs to include here on BBB. He is the technical brains behind the team, and works on the coding for the site.
A quick close-up with Jenn & Jerry: We met at Grace College, through mutual friends. We were married on October 17, 1998, exactly a year after our first date. So that means our 16th anniversary was in 2014. We struggled with infertility until 2003, when we conceived our oldest blessing. He was born in 2004, then along came surprises in 2005, 2007 and 2009. We now have four amazingly unique, crazy and interesting boys. We homeschool them in what we call Happy Hearts Homeschool (The title is the goal, not necessarily the reality.) Liberty Grace Academy (The boys are getting older and weren’t thrilled with the original name. LOL). Our second son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2012, and that has altered our family’s world a bit. We have been through numerous trials, but always come out the other side together, somehow a little stronger in our faith and our love for each other.
Just_JennA bit about Jenn: First of all, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. He is my life and without Him, I would have no hope. I’m a Christian wife to an amazing man (Jerry, obviously!) and a stay-at-homeschooling mom to four incredible boys. I’m messy and cluttered, but I’m working on that. I’m a discouraged perfectionist and a classic procrastinator who probably has ADD (and maybe Autism), so I tend to jump from topic to topic (and activity to activity) without notice. My Love Languages are Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch. I’m an INFP who enjoys friends but loves to be alone. I love getting and giving hugs, and encouragement is a Spiritual gift of mine that can too-easily be turned into a weapon of discouragement, if I’m not careful. I’m a Christian with Depression. I love music; it is a huge part of my life, so you’ll find music mentioned a lot on the blog. I’m the first to admit that sometimes, I over-share. If you would like to see a short version of my life story, please click here. Feel free to skim or just leave the page if you’re not interested. I won’t be offended – I probably won’t ever even find out! 😉

Just_JerryA bit about Jerry: I’m the husband to my wonderful wife of 16 years, Jenn, and father to four amazing boys, 11, 9, 7 and 5. I have been blessed with the same two jobs for over ten years that allow my wife to stay home and homeschool our children. Some of my favorite things to do include studying the Bible, spending time with my family, watching movies and shows on Netflix with the fam, watching football on TV, and checking out baseball stats online. Getting saved is the most important event of my life. Being a faithful husband and father and sharing Christ with others are my highest callings. It is my utmost desire for all to learn the truth of God’s love. I am not a theologian or an evangelist. I am not a scientist or philosopher. I am simply a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am also a firm believer that the Bible is very Word of God, written by men but inspired by God, and is free of error and contradiction. In addition to this blog, I also run another site, Grace Greater Than, where you can read up on more of my beliefs.


Will you join us on this journey?

Every post has a comment function on it, and we’d love to hear from you! We have plans to make videos together on our Youtube channel; if that is something you’d be interested in, please let us know. We’d love for you to join our BBB Facebook page or check out and follow our PinterestTwitter, or Instagram. You can follow our posts on RSS feed, on Bloglovin’, or through our newsletter

We hope to hear from you soon. God bless you!
~Jenn & Jerry


  1. How beautiful! We also struggle with infertility and are from the Hoosier state. I’m so excited to have found your blog! I know this is going to help me in my faith and having a faith-filled home! -Jess

    1. Wow! That’s amazing. I’m so glad you found us. I’ll have to check out your blog after my weekly grocery shopping trip. Something to look forward to. 😉
      Thanks again for visiting, and I hope to see you again soon. 🙂

  2. Hi Jen,
    I was just reading your bio. I struggled with infertility for 6 years. Then I had my first born in 2003. She is 12. Then just like you I was able to have 3 more. They are 9, 7 and 5. Sounds like our stories are similiar and our kids around the same age. I will always have a heart for those who have gone through infertility or are going through it. So, I just wanted to say hi! Praise God for His blessings!

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