A Trip to the Zoo

we just got back from the indianapolis zoo!!!
what an adventure!
first of all, we left an hour after we’d planned to leave (we can never leave on time it seems!)
the ride there was fine, but as SOON as we pulled in to pay for parking, jeremiah threw up all over!! he had been chewing on a shoestring and the end had come off in his mouth, so he was gagging on it. i guess he inherited his mama’s gag reflex, so he kept gagging and vomiting. UGH. it got all over his pants and his jacket.
thankfully i’d packed that extra outfit, BUT it was shorts, and it was still very chilly out. Sad so the poor boy wore a purple sweatshirt of my mom’s for the first hour or so!!
we got to see many of his favorite animals – elephants, dolphins, giraffes, zebras, seals, walruses, barely saw tigers (they were hiding!). the lions were hiding really well so we didn’t see anything but the backside of one lying in the sun.
we didn’t see the hippos or pandas – need to find out if they even have them there.

josiah also enjoyed it, though he slept much of the time. Wink

my mom bought a year membership for us, so we WILL be returning. it was lots of fun. next time maybe we can stay longer, but who knew going to the zoo with two little ones could be so exhausting???

when we got home, jeremiah requested to see his favorite video – filming of the san diego zoo. rofl so i guess he’s not tired of animals yet! Smile

in case anyone is wondering, my dear husband is on vacation from the nursing home this week! can you see me dancing, doing the happy happy dance of joy??? how well you know me, then! 😉 he still works fedex but you wouldn’t believe the difference of having him home during the day!!!!!!! such relief, fun and joy. his boys (and his wife!) sure love him. 🙂

please pray that the rest of his vacation can be fun and rewarding to us all. we are on a tight budget, but still want to spend time together that isn’t in front of the tv. 😛

pictures will follow soon, i promise!!!

ETA: pics are uploading right now! i added new april ones as well. i know, february and march need to be filled, don’t they!? eek! direct link to the zoo pics: http://www.blessedmama.net/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=6696&g2_navId=x866a8ba6

ETA!!! i have all the zoo pics up now – i had to go to bed before they were all uploaded last night. 🙂

14 thoughts on “A Trip to the Zoo

  1. I’m glad you guys are having some down time. Isn’t that wonderful? Will Jerry be job-searching this week?

  2. What a fun outing! Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo? We go there every time we are that area. Our kids loved it as little ones and now they love to take their own kids there.

  3. Wow, sounds like you have a great zoo! We don’t have dolphins, or walrusses… We don’t have lions either, they plan on bringing some in, in 2009… Which seems like a LONG time from now! 😆 Right now they are finishing their “Great Northwest” section, and will be bringing in bears, bobcats and cougars. The coungars will come first, this summer. Can’t wait!

    Sorry to hear that Jeremiah got sick!!! I should have told you to pack 2 outfits, huh? Poor Jeremiah!!!

    My kids would so love that video… Must go look on eBay… Is that the actual title?


  4. Oh, we LOVE the zoo! We used to have an annual membership, but we let it run out when we moved. We were going to get one for the Phoenix Zoo, but that’d be pointless now, right? 😉 We never have gone to the zoo here, and when we told the kids we were moving home, one of the first things they said was, “Oh boy! When we get home can we go to the zoo?”

    Guess I know what I need to save up for. 😉

  5. PS, do you know how long it takes for a gravatar to be approved? Cause I submitted mine yesterday.

  6. You know.. I think once you have kids “leaving on time” goes right out the window…lol.. We are better now about it.. but when ours were your age.. we were never on time.
    So COOL Jerry’s on vacation.. hope the rest of it is just as FUN!!!
    We love the zoo too… we had a blast when we went 2 years ago.. I think that’s on our to do list this year (memberships are the way to go!!!)
    Hope you are all well!! And thought I’d pop in and wish you all a Happy Easter too!!!

  7. The zoo pictures are great! My favorite was the very last time… With sleepy Jeremiah, crashed out in his car seat… Trips to the zoo are very tiring on the little ones! :mrgreen:

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  8. I can’t wait to take my boys to the zoo. Alexander Loves animals. We are actually going to take them to a really nice aquarium one of these weekends coming up.
    I can’t view the pictures. Its asking me for a password to updater and im not sure what the password is. I’m sure the pictures are adorable though.

    Glad you guys had a fun time.

  9. The closest zoo to us is an hour or so away and it’s a very bad part of town..I haven’t been since Jake was little. There is another small zoo about an hour and a half from us,so we may be going there sometime soon..
    Glad you all had fun!

  10. Hey Jenn~ I got something I want to ask you if your interested in (for photo’s) Can you email me?? I can’t seem to find your email.

  11. momatpeace says:

    THANKS for sharing your photos with me. These are awesome!!! FUN time at the zoo! Our little deenky zoo is funny. But we go every one in a while. The Omaha Zoo is the next best option… it took us 2 days… and we didn’t even see everything.

    See ya at HK!

  12. I meant to comment on this so long ago, and I’m sorry I didn’t. THE ZOO IS AWESOME! It’s great you got to go and take the boys out… and even better that your hubby is home with you. I’m off to check out the pictures now. 😀 So nice to have you back and updating, Jenn!

  13. How fun! It’s been forever since I went to the zoo. I’m so glad you could enjoy that with your boys. What a treat!

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